8 Reasons Why Bangladeshi Bloggers Struggle In Blogging

Blogging is a modern profession. The 21st century is all about finding newer professions and blogging is one of the finest of them. It has many advantages as well as some disadvantages. In Bangladesh, most of the people who are familiar with the online world want to be bloggers. But, only a small portion of them can make it to the goal. There are many reasons behind this. In this post from maxbangla.com, I will try to discuss the common reasons of this struggle of Bangladeshi bloggers. So, let’s start.

1. Running For Money: Most of the Bangladeshi people are poor or middle class. They always remain tensed of their earning source. They have very little time for creativity. Each and everyone is finding the smallest possible way to earn money. So, people think that blogging is all about money. They create a free blog from blogspot or wapka and start pasting copied contents from other blogs. They have a very little knowledge about blogging and earning from online. Thus, a lot of people are being derailed everyday. Eventually, they are losing their enthusiasm and ending their potentiality in blogging.

8 Reasons Why Bangladeshi Bloggers Struggle In Blogging

2. Weakness In English: English is not the main language in Bangladesh, rather it is Bengali. But, unfortunately, Bengali is not an international language. A very few people can read Bengali in the whole world. So, English is a must to earn a livelihood from blogging. The majority of the people is afraid of this subject from their childhood. They pass the exams somehow, but they struggle in making sentences in English. Thus, they can’t write a paragraph about something they know very well about. Thus, they can’t do blogging in English and eventually can’t earn money by this method.

3. Blog Design: Most of the people can’t make a professional design of their blogs. They use too many unnecessary widgets and photos to make the blog look ugly. They forget or don’t know that visitors always want a clean and minimal design of any website. They always want their required information. The rest of the things are poorly seen by the visitors. As a result of the ugly design, the page loading time of their blog increases by a few times and thus Google ranks them very poorly. So, they can’t get search engine visitors and can’t earn money.

4. Lack Of Keyword Research: Keyword is the word or words by which a visitor searches for your website contents. Ad companies have different rates of ads for different keywords. If you can’t find a low competitive high paying keyword, you will not be able to draw more visitors on your blog and earn more. Thus, they are struggling in blogging.

5.Lack Of Reading: Hearing improves your speaking ability. Similarly, reading improves your writing ability. If you don’t read good articles, you can’t write good articles. Most of the Bangladeshi people read Bengali newspapers and Bengali books most of the time. They struggle reading an English article fluently. Most of the new bloggers don’t spend a minute reading a post from an English blog. Thus, they don’t improve their writing techniques and struggle in blogging.

6. Lack Of Time: Time is money. You can’t think of more money without spending much time for it. Once you have established your blog, you will require much less time for this profession. But, for the beginners, blogging requires a lot of time. Researching more will give you better results. Writing more posts will give you better results. As most of the new bloggers are students or service holders, they give a little amount of time on their blogs. It results failure in this sector.

7. Lack Of Patience: Blogging is all about patience. If you have got this virtue, then you will become successful today or tomorrow. But, if you don’t have it, you will be failed in blogging for sure. Most of the Bangladeshi people have a very less amount of patience. They want quick money. They don’t want to work hard. So, they fail in blogging.

8. Lack Of Guideline: Most of the people don’t even have a proper guideline about blogging. They learn blogging by reading various tutorial websites. They can do better if they get proper guidelines from established bloggers. This is another reason of their failure.

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