Anger Management: 10 Ways To Control Anger Effectively

Anger is a bad habit. It is one kind of emotions when you become unsatisfied with someone or something. It deteriorates the relationship between you and your friends or relatives. Sometimes people may commit crimes or even murder if they get angry severely.

Anger management is the prime duty at the time of anger. But it is not easy to control anger effectively. As your mind is not stable when you become angry. I will suggest you 10 ways to manage anger effectively. Practice these simple ways in your daily life and notice if they work or not.

Anger Management in 10 Ways


1. When you notice that you are becoming angry with someone, try to keep your mind calm. You can count from 10 to 1 and thus keep your mind diverted from the situation.

2. Do not talk or perform any unusual act when you get angry. Take your time. You may stop talking to that person for sometimes. When the anger drops, you may explain your feelings to him gently.

3. Say sorry to that person when you have controlled your anger. Explain the reason behind your anger. He/She will understand you and the situation will be easier than before.

4. If you become angry by listening any news, you may control anger by walking, exercise or weight lifting.

5. You have to compromise with the situation. If you want more in life, you will be unhappy for not getting much. So, want less, be happy with what you get.

6. Do not smoke when you become angry. It will stimulate your brain and you may become further angry.

7. You may make some fun by jokes or watching cartoons. It will make your brain calm and the anger will fall rapidly.

8. You may perform meditation. It is one of the best ways of managing anger.

9. When you become angry severely, close your eyes and take a deep breath. You will feel better after opening your eyes.

10 .If any of these tricks do not work, try to meet a psychiatrist and tell him the actual situation of your feelings when you get severely angry. He/She may give you the suggestion which may be helpful to you.

Thank you for reading this post. Be happy! Say goodbye to Anger!

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