Bangladeshi Bangla Movies List With Details In 2019

The year 2019 is running now. Some Bangladeshi Bangla Movies have been released in Bangladesh since January 2019. A lot more will be released in the upcoming days. While there are some good movies in the pipeline. So, they will change the film industry a lot. By the way, in this post of, you will know the list of the released and unreleased Bangladeshi Bangla Movies of 2019 with their probable release dates, directors, casts, productions, and genre. So, let’s see which movies are coming in this year.

Bangladeshi Bangla Movies List With Details In 2019



08-02-2019 | Amar Prem Amar Priya | Romance | Shamimul Islam Shamim | Kayes Arju, Pori Moni

08-02-2019 | Daag Hridoye | Romance | Tarek Shikdar | Bappi ChowdhuryBidya Sinha Saha Mim, Achol Akhi

15-02-2019 | Fagun Haway | Historical, Drama | Toukir Ahmed | Siam Ahmed, Nusrat Imroz Tisha

15-02-2019 | Ratrir Jatri | Thriller | Habibul Islam Habib | Anisur Rahman Milon, Moushumi

22-02-2019 | Ondhokar Jogot | Action, Thriller | Badiul Alam | D A Tayeb, Mahiya Mahi


08-03-2019 | Jodi Ekdin | Romance | Md Mostafa Kamal Raj | Tahsan Khan, Taskin Rahman, Srabanti Chatterjee

22-03-2019 | Shahenshah | Romance, Action | Shamim Ahmed Rony | Shakib Khan, Nusrat Faria

22-03-2019 | Karon Tomay Bhalobashi | Romance | Golam Mostafa Shimul | Sabbir Ahmed, Prince Shuvo, Bithi Rani Sarkar


05-04-2019 | Protishodher Agun | Romance, Action | Mohammad Aslam | Jayed Khan, Mou Khan, Shah Riaz, Naaz

26-04-2019 | Alpha | Drama | Nasir Uddin Yousuf Bacchu | Alamgir Kabir Doel Mash, ATM Shamsuzzaman

So, you can see there are some very good movies on the list. And there are some others waiting. So, check back in a few days to find our more movies on this webpage.

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