BCS Preliminary Examination Preparation: 10 Exclusive Tips

The BCS [Bangladesh Civil Service] Examination is a must to enter in the Government Service in Bangladesh. The 34th BCS Written Exam is about to come. The next BCS is the 35th BCS Preliminary. Most of the people look forward to these exams in order to get a government job. So, they study hard. But many of them lack some effective guidance. Thus, they lag behind than others. So, in this post, I will try to provide you with some exclusive study tips for your upcoming BCS Preliminary Examination.

BCS Preliminary Examination Preparation: 10 Exclusive Tips

1. Planning: This is the first step for appearing at any exams. This step includes the information gathering phase of the upcoming exam. You need to gather as much information as you can regarding the BCS exams. Such as steps of these examinations, date of the exams, syllabus and many more. If you are currently reading this post, this is also one of the tasks of this step. You need to gather as many ideas as you can at first.

2. Partner Selection: This is one of the main steps for this kind of public examinations. You can select one or multiple partners who will appear on the same exam. This is not a difficult job as many of your friends will appear this exam surely. If you select one partner [may be your spouse, closest friend, roommate, brother, sister etc], read all the day with him/her. You don’t need any other people to prepare you for the exam. If you select multiple partners, you can read, rather discuss with them in alternative days. This will allow you to read alone as well do group study. These two ways are more or less equally effective in having BCS preparation.

3. Buying Best Books: There are many books in the market for the BCS preparation. But all of them are not good. Some of them are full of wrong & outdated information. You need the best books written by renowned authors. You can seek suggestion from an elder brother or sister who has already passed the BCS exam. There are many series of books on the market. But all books of any renowned series are not good. You need to buy the best book according to the subject. If you have got money, you can buy more than one book on the same subject.

4. Reading Environment: Reading environment means a lot to any students. You need a study room for your 100% preparation. You need to set up a goal that you want to read at least 8 hours every day for doing a great result in BCS Preliminary Exam.

5. Time Left: You need to know how much time you have got before your exam. If it is more than 2 months, you can read slowly but attentively to memorize anything you read. If you have less time than that, you can have a birds-eye view at some of the subjects you are not good at.

6. Coaching: Coaching is not essential for preparing for BCS. It is helpful in the sense that it allows you to read regularly if you are not attentive enough. As many of us are engaged in some kinds of professions, it may be effective for us to be regular in BCS studies.

7. Previous Questions: You will not get the same questions from the previous BCS exams. But it will allow you to get an idea about the upcoming questions. More or less same kinds of questions will be made in the upcoming BCS Preliminary. So, solving the previous questions will help you to do better in BCS.

8. Model Tests: You need to solve as many model tests as you can to understand your position among other BCS students. If will also give you self-confidence.

9. Give Emphasis on Tough Subjects: You may be bad at any particular subject. For example, Math is one of the toughest subjects for many of us. You need to give emphasis on that every day. You need to practice more and more to gain confidence in that subject.

10. Answering Easy Questions First: You may be good at a particular subject. For example, you are good at English. So, you need to answer the English portion at first. Answer the hardest subject at the end. It allows you to answer most questions with a sound brain.

If you can follow the above tips, it will be very easy for you to overcome the BCS obstacle and get a government job in Bangladesh.

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Dr. Sujon Paul

The author of this post is Dr. Sujon Paul, an MBBS Doctor. He is also a blogger and updates this website [MAXBANGLA.COM] regularly with fresh contents. Thank you for visiting this website. Contact Author: Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus


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  1. Can I apply 37th BCS? Recently I got third year final result.

    1. You have not mentioned your course duration here. You can apply any BCS if your final examination is over before the application date (the result is not necessary, but it must be published before the viva of that BCS).

  2. Thanks for your advice. Can I get these books from this website?

    1. Welcome. But, those are not available here.

  3. Vaiya, I’m a 1st year 2nd semester LL.B student. I want to participate in the BCS exam. Suggest me, how can I prepare for that.

    1. Follow the above mentioned tips.

  4. Sir, I am a soldier. I get very few time to study. But, I take as crying need appearing in BCS 38th. But, it is the first and last chance for me. Sir, please suggest me to be prepared.

    1. It is so difficult for you. Be prepared as much as you can by following the above tips.

  5. Vai, ami 3rd year medical student. Doctor der BCS ar onnoder BCS ki same? Amake doctor der BCS somporke ektu bolle valo hoto, becsuse ami desh er bahire porchi.

    1. No. BCS health cadre is for doctors. The preliminary exam is same for all. The written and viva exam has a part from the medical books.

  6. Sir, it is possible for me to maintain maximum five hours by every day including twelve hours by two holidays to study? I know that undoubtedly this is more difficult for me to success in BCS. But, I want to get just an idea that is it possible or not by this limited study? Would you please make me grateful by your kind instruction.

    1. You know it. It is possible to pass BCS Preliminary by studying at least 5 hours everyday, if you utilize that time perfectly.

  7. I am in a job and my working time is so much long. For this reason, every day I get max 1.5 hours for study except Friday. My situation is so tough as I can’t leave the job, but I have a great dream to be a BCS cadre. Please give me some advice Thanks in advance.

    1. In this situation, it is too much tough for you to fulfill your dream. But, you still have to try your best. Best of luck.

  8. Ami BCS exam dite chai. Ami 2 bar written diyechi. Valo hoy ni. Ekhon 3 hours porar sujog pai. Tahole ki deoa jabe?

    1. Yes. Keep trying.

    2. BCS preliminary mark is 200. As an ordinary question, how many MCQ is needed to be corrected to get selected?

      1. As you have passed 2 times, you know it well. There is no rule like this. The cut mark varies.

  9. Recently, I have completed graduation, but I can not maintain my study schedule. Please suggest me. Which books should I follow?

    1. The popular book series in the market like MP3, Oracle, BCS publications etc are enough for a decent preparation. The key factor is how you prepare yourself. It’s not the books which will give you the success, it is your industry which will give you the last laugh.

  10. Eto kichur dorkar nai, vai. Dorkar syllabus bujha. Hard work.

    1. Welcome.

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