Calculate Your Age From Windows 7 Calculator

Most of the people use external software to calculate their age in computer. But you do not need any one of them!

Yes! You can calculate your age without any external software if you are a Windows 7 user! Just follow the steps below!


1. Press the START button on your keyboard or Click on START on your screen.

2. TYPE CALCULATOR in the search box (1). You will see the picture below. CLICK on the CALCULATOR (2).

Age calculator of Windows 7

3. The Windows 7 calculator will open. See the image below.

Windows 7 Age Calculator

4. CLICK on VIEW (1) and then DATE CALCULATION (2). See the image below.

Calculate age from windows 7 calculator

5. An extra window will open with the basic calculator window. Enter your BIRTH DATE in the FROM (1) portion.

Calculate your age from windows 7 calculator

6. Make sure that the TO portion is the current date. Now click on CALCULATE (2). See the image below.

windows age calculator

7. THAT’S IT! You can see your AGE in the last 2 boxes!


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