How To Choose Your Child’s Gender Before Conception

Can we really influence our child’s gender before conception? The answer is: Yes. You can control it if you know when to intercourse and when not to. There are many people in the world who want specifically a boy or a girl for many reasons. But, they don’t get their desired child and results in a population explosion by giving birth to children one by one. If they know the technique of giving birth to a boy or a girl, they can be happy with one or two children.

In this post from, you will know the technique of giving birth to a male child and also a female child. But, before that technique, you must learn some matters regarding the childbirth to understand that technique clearly.

How To Choose Your Child’s Gender Before Conception


Safe Period, as the name expresses, is the period when you can intercourse with no chance of producing a baby. Those who don’t want a baby but want to maintain a good conjugal life can use this period for intercourse. The question is, when is that safe period? Well, here is the answer.

The first day of the menstruation is marked as Day 1 of the menstrual cycle. Usually, the menstrual cycle consists of 28 days. The first 4 days (Day 1-4) are the menstrual phase, the next 10 days (Day 5-14) are the proliferative phase and the last 14 days (Day 15-28) are the secretory phase.

Ovulation (the release of ovum/egg) occurs usually on day 14. The ovum lives for only 24 hours after ovulation if there is no fertilization (the meeting of a sperm and an ovum).

So, we can now understand that there must be sperms near the ovum on day 14-15 of the menstrual cycle to produce a child.

The life span of sperms is not much either. A sperm lives for 1-5 days depending on some environmental factors. Let’s consider it to be 3 days to be confirmed that most of the sperms are viable within these 72 hours/3 days.

So, you can’t intercourse 10 days before the ovulation and expect the sperm to live that period and then meet the ovum after ovulation. You need to intercourse just before the ovulation or just after the ovulation to confirm the birth of a baby.

Usually, these periods fluctuate to a great extent and varies from woman to woman. Some women may face ovulation at day 11 or day 17 also. So, it is very difficult to decide the safe period and the unsafe/danger period in women especially those who have an inconsistent menstrual cycle (sometimes 28 days and sometimes 26 or 30 days or even larger fluctuations).

But, by studying many women, scientists have decided that day 9-20 is the danger period for most of the women. So, day 1-8 and 21-28 is the safe period as there is no ovum inside the women during this period and there is no chance of fertilization.

Now, we can understand that when to intercourse to expect a baby. But, how to decide when to intercourse to expect a boy or a girl specifically? Here is the answer:


It has been seen that there are two types of sex chromosomes: X and Y. A man contains both types but women contain only the X chromosomes. So, the sperms maybe 2 types: X and Y. The ovum is always X. And When X sperm meets the ovum, a female child is produced (XX). When Y sperm meets the ovum, a male child is produced (XY).

The characteristics of sperms with an X chromosome and that of a Y chromosome are not the same. Y chromosome sperms are smaller, faster and have a shorter lifespan than the X chromosome sperms. So, when semen is ejaculated into the female genital tract, the Y sperms run faster than the X sperms, reaches the ovum more quickly than the X sperms and thus creates a male child.

But, their life span is only 24 hours. So, if the ovum is not there, the Y sperms will wait for them for 24 hours and then die. The X sperms have 3-5 days lifespan and they are heavier and slower to reach the ovum. So, they get more time to wait for the ovum and then fertilize it, resulting in a female child.

So, you can see that it’s easy to produce a female child than a male child. To produce a male child, you must intercourse one day before the ovulation or on the day of ovulation. If you can do so, then the sperms will get the ovum in the next 24 hours and they will gift you a male child. If there is a slight mistake, the Y sperms will die and the X sperms will result in a female child.

If you want a female child, you should intercourse during day 11-12. It will result in the death of all Y sperms before the ovulation (day 14) and there will be few X sperms only. So, it will result in a female child.

So, here are the equations:

The lifespan of ovum: 24 hours

The lifespan of X sperm: 3-5 days

The lifespan of Y sperm: 1 day

Safe Period: Day 1-8 and 21-28

Danger period: Day 9-20

Intercourse time to expect a boy: Day 13-14

Intercourse time to expect a girl: Day 11-12

NOTE THAT: These equations are not applicable to those who have an irregular menstrual cycle. It may also vary in normal menstrual cycles sometimes.

Thanks for reading this post on how to choose your child’s gender before conception.

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  1. Thank you for this important information. I have two girls and I need a boy. I will try again and I pray God will help me through you. Thanks.

  2. Many thanks for this information. Maximum men do not know this matter. They go to religious person for advice & become misguided by them.


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