How To Convince Your Husband Or Wife For Going Shopping

Many of us do not get a spouse who wants to shop with us at least once a month. While there are couples who shop every week or every 2 days. Different people have different ideas regarding shopping. If your husband or wife is too bored to go shopping with you, you can use some techniques on them to convince for going shopping. Here are some of those:

How To Convince Your Husband Or Wife For Going Shopping


1. Start with a meal: An empty stomach will not attract anyone to go shopping. Most people are happier when they finish eating their favorite foods. So, cook or buy his/her favorite dish and then ask for going shopping. 9 out of 10 times, you will get a positive answer. 

2. Make a list first: Always plan your shopping with a list. It will save you energy and money. Write down the products you need to buy. Then think about the shops where you will get those items. Now start your shopping from one end of the market, buy and proceed. Never turn backward to buy any missed item. It will make your partner bored.

3. Keep phones fully charged: Phones are necessary to contact your spouse as well as passing some boring time. If your spouse’s phone is not charged enough, they will ask you to finish quickly as they will want to go home. A fully charged phone will also allow them to spend some time on the internet when they find it boring.  

4. Avoid crowded shops: Nowadays most of the renowned shops are crowded. So, fix a date when it is less crowdy and prefer wide open shopping malls to make your partner interested in shopping.


1. Start with his/her items: Always start the journey with your spouse’s item. It will show them how caring you are to them. They will love to get a gift from you at the start of the journey.

2. Look for cheaper but quality items: Men always prefer cheaper but quality items. So, if you are a woman, keep it in mind and shop accordingly. It will make your husband happy and enthusiastic all the time during shopping.

3. Keep moving: If you stuck at one shop only, your spouse may get bored in no time. So, always keep moving from shops to shops to make the journey an interesting one. But, keep in mind that moving more than buying will also make them angry.

4. Keep communicating: Don’t move quietly. It will make them bored. Rather always keep the conversation on the shopping items what you need and what you have seen so far.  

5. Take a break: Don’t shop for hours. Take a break every 30 minutes. Rather sit at a coffee shop or a fast food shop to plan more and take some rest.

6. Share shopping bags: Don’t give all the bags to your spouse. It will make them angry. So, share the bags to keep them happy.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope, your spouse will love to go shopping with you on a regular basis if you follow all the tips given here. 

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