Create Facebook Chat Smiley From Your Own Photo

Chat smiley make chat interesting! Facebook Chat is the most popular feature of Facebook. Most of the Facebook users use this option to interact with their friends daily. During chat, we use some smileys/emoticons. There are some official fixed smileys in Facebook. But they are too small and common.

Anyway, you can create your own chat emoticons or smileys for chatting in Facebook. In this post, I will show you how to create your own chat smiley from any photo you want! Yes, it’s possible. Let’s start our work!



1. At first, go to this WEBSITE.

2. You will get a “Choose file” option. Click there and select your photo from your computer which you want to appear as your smiley photo in Facebook chat.

3. Now click on “Upload now“.

4. After a while, the upload will be completed and you will be provided with a code. Just copy that code and paste it in any chat window in Facebook. You will see that there is a photo smiley in the chat window!

Now create as many smileys you want and make your friends astonished by using these chat smileys during chatting with them.

Don’t forget to save these codes for future offline use. These codes will make your chat more interesting and make your friends astonished!

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