Danielle Bernstein: Prominent Instagram Blogger

Miss Danielle Bernstein, Age: Twenty-two. Hometown: Great Neck, New York, University: Fashion Institute of Technology, Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications. Her monthly income average six-figure. No wonder it’s something she can do. But without a job, not a business, or she is not a great family assets owner that she earned money from interest. Her huge earning only Instagram blogging.

But it’s not an ordinary post, She is the style blogger of We Wore What. You know what is the style of blogging? After taking pictures of the clothing company renowned Danielle posted on Instagram. And where can you find the cloth details given to her blog? For each 15 thousand US dollars, Indian currency, almost 1.0 million and Bangladeshi currency almost BDT 1.20 million of her money.

A recent interview with “Harpers Bazaar”, said Danielle But suddenly why companies are spending so much money? Straight answer “the growth of its intention to increase sell”. Millions of followers to Danielle Instagram page. Among them, the sales rate of 0 percent hit much of the clothing sold would increase. Looking at the opposite side, then do not post a lot of time to dress again competing firms are also Danielle income.

The study found, as Instagram or other social media to increase their popularity and sales of 100 million US dollars a year to the agency. Miss Danielle Bernstein said frankly, I don’t think that I will earn so much money. Even at this age. However, it seemed like. The cost of own expense myself also do invest. The more I study. In the future, it is planned to do.


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