How To DIsable USB Port In Windows 10 Computer

USB [Universal Serial Bus] ports are present in every computer for connecting various accessories. If you want to disable USB ports on a computer, there are a lot of ways. You may need to disable it for a various number of reasons also. But, most people disable their computers USB port for security purpose only. They don’t want others to enter a pen drive in their computers in the absence of the owner and steal important personal data. So, you need to disable your computer’s USB ports, right? Here is a simple way of that:


1. At first, right-click on the Computer icon on your desktop, you will get the following menu. Now, click on the Manage option:

How To Disable USB Port In Windows 8 Computer

2. Now, you will get the following window. Now, click on Device Manager on the left column. Then look at the right column and click on Universal Serial Bus Controllers. It will unhide some more options. Again, right-click on USB Root Hub [not the last one, the one above it] and click Disable from the menu.

How To DIsable USB Port In Windows 8 Computer

That’s all. You can check the USB ports by entering any pen drive or mouse into it. If you can do the above steps accordingly, then you may not be successful in connecting those with your computer now.


It’s quite same as the above steps. The only difference is, you have to enable the USB Root Hub for it.

Note: This method may come handy for those, who do not know this function. If anyone knows this function, he/she may enable the USB by entering the settings easily. There are many other ways to lock the USB ports with a password too.

Thus, for minimal security, always use a login password for the safety of your computer.

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