E-Commerce Trends In Bangladesh: Let’s Talk Facts!

Like all other business ventures, the advancement in technology has also taken the e-commerce industry in Bangladesh by storm.

Never was it this easy to shop online. You won’t find anyone without a cell phone, and with a blazing fast speed of 3G and 4G internet, it was never this easy to go online and shop. Add to it the emergence of shopping apps and easy modes of payment. Online shopping is a phenomenon which is here to stay.

E-Commerce Trends In Bangladesh

Peak Time for E-commerce Activity

E-commerce trends in Bangladesh have shown some very interesting statistics. Based on a detailed report carried out by Kaymu on the e-commerce trends in Bangladesh, majority of the prospective online audience was active from 11 am to 4 pm as this was the window where most of the e-commerce sessions were recorded.

E-Commerce Trends In Bangladesh

Talking about the days which saw the highest e-commerce traffic, Saturday was the busiest day followed by Sunday and Tuesday. Most of the working class has Saturdays off, meaning they get more free time to do their shopping. This may explain the high traffic on Saturdays.

Paid Advertisements Lead the Way

SEO analysts are always interested in knowing where they are getting the traffic from and through which sources. Organic traffic or traffic from free sources is always preferred because it means that the prospective buyer came through the search engine results.

E-Commerce Trends In Bangladesh

The above graphic tells us that most of the e-commerce traffic in Bangladesh is coming through paid means, with Google Paid and Facebook Paid leading the way. Traffic from organic search is only 4.5% while direct traffic and traffic through referrals is 9% and 7% respectively. As the e-commerce industry grows further, expect these figures to go higher.

Cash on Delivery Favored by Majority

Ease of payment method is one reason why online shopping has risen in popularity over the past few years. Popular options of payment include Cash on Delivery, Bank/Wire Transfer, uCash and credit cards. Unsurprisingly, Cash on Delivery was favored by 95% of Bangladeshis.  This is probably because Cash on Delivery is the easiest and most secure payment method for the majority of the users.

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