Exam Tips: 13 Ways To Remember Anything You Read

The statistic shows that a person can utilize only 5-7 percent of his/her memory. The world’s most significant scientists can use 15-18 percent. So, we do not utilize what we have. Reading for a long time can also result in an unfortunate result in the exam unless you read it in the right way. Here are 13 easy tips about the process of learning less but memorizing more!

1. Confidence: It is the main inner force you need to be succeeded in any work. If you read your lessons confidently, you can memorize them better. Think that you can read and remember. Studying is very easy for you. If you are afraid of reading, you can not remember anything you read even all day long.

2. Time: Reading requires exact timings. It is not a good idea to read late at night. Reading early in the morning will make more impression on your mind and you will easily memorize what you read.

3. Concept Tree: You have to summarize the chapter into some parts and sentences. After reading the whole chapter, look at the summary and you can memorize everything you learned. This is one of the best ways to read attentively.

4. Keywords: You have to make a poem with the main keywords of anything, especially those portions with many points. You can remember all of the points if you do it.

5. Chart: Read the whole chapter, then make an organized chart of the main information. Fill up the chart with the information. Now take a look at it. You do not have to read the chapter again.

6. Read Loudly: You have to use all the available senses you have. You have to read aloud so that you can hear it also. It will create an extra impression on your mind and you can memorize it for a longer time.

7. Make Own Notes: Collect information from lecture notes, textbooks, and make your own note. It will be easier for you to remember as you have created it yourself. It will also carry good marks.

8. Interlinking: Interlink your study. When you read a topic, try to memorize the nearby topics you read a month ago. It will make your memorizing power stronger.

9. Ask Why: It is needed especially for science students. Always ask yourself, why is the meaning of the line you read. It will give you answers automatically and will provide you with extra information.

10. Write What You Read: Writing after reading will help you to remember it quickly. It will also make your handwriting beautiful and faster.

11. Group Discussion: Discuss what you read with your friends. It will be helpful if you have to face viva exams.

12. Reading Room: A reading room is essential for reading attentively. Exclusive use of that room can make your study more enjoyable and easier. Here are 10 criteria of an ideal reading room.

13. Recreation: Do not read all day. You need some break after reading for an hour. The human brain can not concentrate on a single thing for more than 40 minutes. Keep it in mind and make facilities for recreation by listening to music, games, etc.

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