Eye Care: 5 Tips To Save Your Eyes From Computer

Eyes are the most important organs to watch this beautiful world. Everyone needs these organs to see and work on this planet. But, those who are working with computers, are in a danger of losing eyesight quicker than the others. Some people work for 10 or more hours looking at the computer screen. This post will help you save your eyes from the bad effects of lights of your computer. Let’s see how:

Eye Care 5 Tips To Save Your Eyes From Computer

1. Reduce the brightness of your monitor: This is the first step. Check the brightness of your monitor. If it is too bright, reduce the brightness. If it is too dark, increase the brightness a little. You will find the options in the buttons of your monitor or under the battery icon of your laptop.

2. Use sunglasses while working: If you can’t change the brightness of your monitor, use sunglasses while working on your computer. This will also help your eyes from being affected by the bad lights emitted from your computer.

3. Increase text sizes: If you can’t see the small texts of your desktop and browsers, increases the text size of your desktop and browser. Here is the way to do it for the desktop. You will get the options in the settings for your browsers.

4. Check your distance from the monitor: If you are sitting too close to the monitor, increase the distance a bit. At least 1-meter distance is good for your eyes.

5. Give a break: If you are working for an hour, give your eyes some rest by looking at something else for 5 minutes. You may have a walk in this short period. It will help you save your eyes.

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