Face Mask: 5 Side Effects of Wearing Mask During COVID-19

At this time of the Corona epidemic, health experts from all over the world are talking about wearing a face mask. However, experts are not sure whether the mask will be 100% safe. There is even talk of the individual effects of different masks.

However, considering the situation, we are must wear a mask. Wearing a face mask has now become a daily habit for everyone. But do you know what side effects can occur if the mask is worn all the time? Maybe you are already feeling it yourself. If you don’t know, let’s not know the side effects of the mask.

Face Mask 5 Side Effects of Wearing Mask During COVID-19


1. Difficulty in breathing: It is difficult to breathe when you are wearing a face mask. Maybe many are feeling it now. The carbon dioxide that is emitted from the body during respiration normally, is blocked in the mask and is entering our body again through the nose and mouth. And when this carbon dioxide enters the body during respiration, it increases the speed of respiration, increases the heart rate, causes fatigue, and emotional upset. Also for those who have a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease such as asthma, bronchitis, the mask becomes riskier.

Face Mask 5 Side Effects of Wearing Mask During COVID-19

2. Problems with seeing: Due to wearing a mask incorrectly, the air released from our body hits the eyes through the open part above. This creates discomfort in the eyes, which is why we tend to put our fingers in the eyes at that time. And if there is dirt or virus in the hand, it enters the eye from the finger. For those who wear glasses, the problem is more. This is because the air of respiration accumulates in the spectacles as well as in the eyes. At one stage the glasses became cloudy. And so they have to clean the glasses after a while. This increases the risk of getting the virus in the eyes several times.

3. Decreased immunity: Strange as it may sound, wearing a mask all the time can lower your body’s immunity. However, in order to get rid of the coronavirus, it is necessary to increase immunity. But if you wear a mask all the time, the cells of the body do not get enough oxygen. Scientific studies have shown that long-term lack of oxygen in the body weakens the immune system to prevent infection. So experts also suggest that while wearing a mask is mandatory, it is better to keep the mask open where there are no crowds or other people within 15 feet.

Face Mask 5 Side Effects of Wearing Mask During COVID-19

4. Cost increases: Not everyone can buy expensive masks like N-95 or alike all the time. And most of the masks are not reusable. In that case, you have to have a special budget every month for improved masks. However, even ordinary masks are not available at a very low price now. Almost everyone is suffering from financial problems due to corona. In this case, shopping for the family is more important for low-income people than buying a new mask.

5. Allergies and skin rashes: Not all masks cause skin allergies or rashes. But there are a variety of masks on the market right now. You never know what they’re made of. There are some ingredients that can cause allergies or rashes when they are in contact with the skin. If you use a cloth mask for a long time, body sweat, makeup and beauty products, harmful substances emitted with the black smoke of the car, pollen are stuck in the mask.

However, knowing these few side effects of the mask, it would be foolish to decide not to wear the mask at all during COVID-19. Because you have to wear a mask as a first step to avoid corona. But not all the time. When you go out, when you are crowded, wear them. It is better to buy an advanced mask. Otherwise buy a good cloth mask every few days, wash it off after daily use. Stay safe, stay masked!

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