Facebook Funny Photo Comments Mega Collection Download

Facebook has added an option of commenting on any post. It’s the photo commenting. Now, users can add funny photos in the comment section and make others laugh. Facebook Photo Comments are much more expressive and realistic. People have become addicted to Commenting and everyone who likes it, are looking for new funny photos for the photo comments. So, here I am providing you a huge collection of photos in a folder to download with just a single click!



1. At first, click on the camera icon on the right side of the comment box. It will show Attach a Photo option.

2. Now, choose a photo from the downloaded folder. Then click on the Open button.

Facebook Photo Comment System and Funny Photo Collection

3. Now, the photo will be uploaded. It will be displayed like this when the upload is finished.

Facebook Photo Comment System and Funny Photo Collection

4. At last, hit the enter button. Now, everyone will see the photo as a comment.

Facebook Photo Comment

Thanks for reading this post regarding Facebook Photo Comments and how to use these to make your comments more realistic and engaging to the others. Now try yourself by downloading the above file and commenting on some of the posts from your friends on Facebook.

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