Facebook Tips: 10 Things You Should Never Do On Facebook

Facebook is the largest social website. It has a huge number of users. Most people have hundreds to thousands of friends on Facebook. The home page of Facebook shows the recent activities of those friends. Sometimes, it gets flooded by spam materials. Again, some people don’t like different features of Facebook. If you want to remain as a decent user of Facebook, you must not do the following things on Facebook.

Facebook Tips: 10 Things You Should Never Do On Facebook

1. Irrelevant Photo Tagging: Photo tagging is one of the popular features of Facebook. It notifies your friends who are present in your photos. But some people tag photos of cartoons, flowers or any other irrelevant things to their friends. It makes their friends angry. They may unfriend you if you continue tagging photos like this. So, only tag photos in which your friends are present. So not tag irrelevant photos.

2. Giving Likes To Own Post: When a person posts anything, he becomes 100% sure about that. It means the content is already favorite to him/her. So, you don’t need to like your own posts or comments. If you do so, those contents will appear in your friends’ homepage, which will make them angry.


3. Inviting To New Page: Each and every user of Facebook can create a new Facebook Page. Sometimes, people create spam pages or pages in their own names and start inviting all their friends. It is a very bad practice as they get a notification for the invitation. If your page is important enough to them, they will surely like it. You don’t need to send spam invitations to them.

4. Adding Friends To Groups: Facebook has a feature named as Group. It is a platform for some people who can post on the same wall. No wonder that it is a very good feature. But some people add their friends to some groups without their permissions. It makes them angry. So, adding people to any groups should not be done before you take their consent.

5. Suggesting Friends: When you feel that two of your friends may know each other, you can send the friend suggestion to them. But some people send spam friend suggestion which is very embarrassing to many. So, don’t use this feature too frequently.

6. Adding Friends In Message: Some people send spam messages and add many of their friends to that message. It becomes a group message/chat. When any of them sends a text, all people of the group chat get a notification. It is very embarrassing. So, don’t add too many people to a group chat, or they may become angry with you.

7. Inviting To Events: Events are one of the popular features of Facebook. But don’t invite all people to your events. Only invite those who are relevant.

8. Chatting All The Time: Some people waste their valuable time chatting with their friends without any reason. They send a chat invitation to all online friends. This is a very bad practice. You should chat only when you have a reason to chat.

9. Sending Apps Request: Apps are popular Facebook features. But some people invite their friends to some spam apps &  games. Thus, their friends get bored. So, don’t do this.

10. Clicking Unknown Links: Sometimes spam videos or links spread throughout Facebook. In most of the cases, they contain naked girl pictures so that people click those to see the full video. But it hacks your Facebook account and posts the same content as posts. It makes your friends think bad about you. So, don’t click any links before you become 100% sure about it.

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