BMDC Registered Doctors: How To Find Actual Doctors In Bangladesh

Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BMDC) provides registration to the doctors to treat the patients in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there are about 90,000 BMDC registered doctors who have completed either MBBS or BDS courses from any government or private medical colleges in Bangladesh or abroad. This registration is the allowance to those doctors to work as a doctor in Bangladesh. Without this registration, no person with an MBBS or BDS degree will be allowed to work as a doctor here.

How To Find BMDC Registered Doctors In Bangladesh Online

But, many fraud people lives in Bangladesh who want to cheat people and earn money in a wrong way. Those people don’t have the ability to study MBBS or BDS. So, they cheat people by addressing themselves as doctors with various types of false and unallowed degrees in their nameplates. In this post from, you will be able to know the way of identifying the original MBBS and BDS doctors from those cheating people. So, let’s know the procedure.


1 . Ask the doctor about his/her BMDC registration number. This number is a unique number and one person can have only one number. Many doctors willingly write this number in their nameplates and prescription pads, which is an excellent way to prove their validity. Those who are the genuine registered doctors will surely provide their BMDC registration number. But, those culprits who are not registered by BMDC will not provide it or will provide a false number. Remember, the BMDC registration number of doctors always begins with A and becomes something like this: A-69685 (It’s my own BMDC Registration Number). If anyone shows a number like B-69685, then you should understand that that person is not an MBBS or BDS doctor.

2. Now, you need a phone or computer with internet connection to justify the BMDC registration number. Visit THIS LINK. You will see a box there like this:

How To Find BMDC Registered Doctors In Bangladesh Online

3. Enter that 5 digits numeric number (without A) like 69685. Then click on the Search Doctor button. See the below screenshot:

Bangladesh Online

4. Now, you will be able to see the details of the doctor of that registration number. The photo of the doctor will also be available there so that you can surely identify the doctor. If you find any other information which is not matching with the person from whom you got that number, you can complain to the nearby police station so that they can take necessary action to that fraud.

How To Find BMDC Registered Doctors In Bangladesh Online

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