Free WiFi Hotspot Zone List In Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Dhaka is the nucleus of Bangladesh. This capital city is growing at a fast rate in terms of development and population. A few years ago, Dhaka City Corporation was divided into two parts: Dhaka North and Dhaka South. Recently, Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation Sayeed Khokon has declared that there will be 50 Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Zone in Dhaka city. The process is going on and the following places will have a free WiFi Hotspot Zone in near Future. No passwords will be needed to connect to the WiFi Internet in these places. So, let’s check out the list of Free WiFi Hotspot Zone in Dhaka City, Bangladesh.

  1. Bangabandhu Museum
  2. Bangabandhu Avenue
  3. Russell Square
  4. Central Shaheed Minar
  5. Aparajeya Bangla
  6. Ahsan Manzil
  7. Lalbagh Fort
  8. Curzon Hall
  9. Kamlapur Railway Station
  10. Bahadur Shah Park
  11. Osmani Udyan
  12. Ramna Park
  13. Baldha Garden
  14. Central Children’s Park
  15. Dhanmondi Lake
  16. Mohanagar Natyo Moncho
  17. Nogor Bhobon
  18. DSCC Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 5
  19. Saidabad Bus Terminal
  20. Fulbaria Bus Terminal
  21. Sadarghat Launch Terminal
  22. Dhaka Mohanogor General Hospital
  23. Dhaka Mohanogor Children’s Hospital
  24. Nazira Bazar Maternity
  25. New Market
  26. Mayor Mohammad Hanif Community Center
  27. Segunbagicha Community Center
  28. Vuter Goli Community Centre, Dhanmondi
  29. Basabo Community Center
  30. Kazi Bashir Auditorium
  31. Paltan Community Centre
  32. Nawabganj 7 Shahid Community Center
  33. Haji Golam Morshed Community Center
  34. Haji Khalil Sardar Community Center
  35. Azimpur Mini Community Center
  36. Haji Jummon Community Center
  37. Fazlul Karim Community Center
  38. North Brooke Hall Library
  39. Freedom Fighter Sadek Hossain Khoka Community Center
  40. Majeed Sardar Community Center
  41. Sutrapur Community Center
  42. Dholpura Community Center
  43. Fakirchand Community Center
  44. Sarafatganj Community Center
  45. Jatrabarhi Cultural Center & Zahir Raihan Community Center

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