Full Guideline For Brilliant Result In Any Examination

The examination is part and parcel of any student. Almost all students in this world have similar brains. But they are not equal in their exam strategies. A good exam strategy is essential for anyone to do better in exams and get a better result.

Exam Strategy includes all measures that a student takes for appearing in an exam. It comprises attentive reading, proper eating, sound sleep, and enough recreations.

Exam strategy may differ from students to students. In this post, I will try to help you to find out your ideal exam strategy.

Full Guideline For Brilliant Result In Any Examination

A. Reading Environment:

Always read in a calm environment for the best and quick result. You can see this post for making an ideal reading environment.

B. Reading Strategy:

1. You must have a clear idea of your syllabus. Be clear about the type of exam [written, viva, clinical, etc], marks distribution in each question, allocated time, time for each question, days remaining before exams, etc.

2. Keep the morning and night hours for reading. This is the best time for memorizing anything you read.

3. Divide the reading hours according to subjects or chapters. Read according to the routine. Try to follow the routine as strictly as you can.

4. Always try to be attentive and professional for one month before any exam. Otherwise, you might feel the deficiency of time for preparation.

5. Read this post for more similar tips regarding studying attentively.

C. Night Before Exam:

1. Don’t study for late hours on the night before the exam.

2. Avoid newspapers, mobile phones, magazines, televisions, radio, music on the previous day.

3. Eat a normal diet and go to sleep with a fresh mind.

D. Things To Be Taken:

Always prepare your bag with the essential things to be taken. Exp: Pen, Pencil, Sharpener, Ruler, Rubber, Color Pencils, Geometry Box, Admit card, Clipboard, Water Bottle, Calculator, Wristwatch, Umbrella, Spectacles [if applicable], Practical Khata, Necessary papers, etc.

Always prepare these things on the previous night so that you don’t forget anything.

E. Exam Diet:

Examination exerts huge pressure on your brain. If you want to cope with that pressure, you must take a healthy and balanced diet. Don’t eat heavy meals before the exam. Eat adequately and drink water. Don’t drink tea, coffee, etc. An Egg or a glass of milk will give you extra energy on the exam morning.

F. Sleep Before Exam Day:

A sound sleep on the previous night will make you fresh and ready for producing the best result. Your performance will increase by 50% if you have a sound sleep. So, forget all the pressures, take some deep breath, remember God and close your eyes for a sound sleep of at least 6 hours. Don’t take any medicine for sleeping. Set an alarm if you need.

G. Things To Do on Exam Morning:

1. Get up from the bed with a smile. Now, thank God for providing you another day in your life. Now, prepare yourself and get ready for the exam. Don’t be tensed. Be confident. You have read all the year attentively. You will do better than most of the other students. So, you do not need to be afraid of anything. The exam is a funny game. You will win it easily for sure. Positive thinking will give you extra power to face the exam.

2. Recheck the necessary things to be taken.

3. If you have got time, try to go through the books. A birds-eye view is necessary for remembering all the topics you have read over the last few days.

4. Pray to God for better performance in the exam hall, not for a good result. Results will come automatically if you perform well.

5. Set for the exam hall at least 1 hour ago. If the exam hall is away from your home, this time may be prolonged. Enter the hall with confidence. Sit at your place. Now, wait for the starting bell.

H. Things To Do During Exam:

1. Always try to write from your own memory. Don’t copy-paste from other students. It may ruin your exam if you become caught by the teachers.

2. At first, read the whole question paper attentively for 5-10 minutes. Check how many questions are to be answered. Select the best-known question. Then start writing.

3. In the case of the viva exam, enter the viva room after asking for permission. Don’t sit down until you are asked by your teachers. Listen carefully to the questions. Now answer the questions clearly. If you don’t know any answer, say it clearly. Don’t try to create answers on your own. It is not possible to answer all the viva questions. Even the brightest students can’t do it. So, be satisfied with what you have done in the viva board.

4. In the case of a practical or clinical exam, perform the procedure step by step. A lot of practice should be undertaken on the previous day for accurate performance.

If you follow these rules, it will be a very easy journey for you. You are not asked to follow all these rules. But try to follow the most you can. It’s for your own sake!

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