How To Bring Gadgets Back In Windows 10

Gadgets are the mini tools, which offer quick access to important information. Microsoft Windows operation system launched windows vista with gadgets. In Windows 7, those were improved to a great extent. But, unfortunately, in windows 10, there is no gadget option. They were essential for many of us. Many of us can’t think of an operating system without them like a clock, weather, calendar, CPU meter, etc. It was shocking news for all Windows users. Here is the current right-click menu for Windows 10:

But now you can use them in Windows 10! This is possible because of a tiny software which is created by WinAero. You have to download this tool and install it to get back the gadgets. So, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click here to download the DesktopGadgets.exe software.

Step 2: Now extract the zip file and double-click the software inside it. See below screenshot:

How To Get Gadgets Back in Windows 8

Step 3. A new window will ask you to select the setup language. Click on OK after selecting the language.

How To Get Gadgets Back in Windows 8

Step 4: Another window will come up. You need to click on the next button and proceed. After a few steps, the installation will be completed.

How To Get Gadgets Back in Windows 8

Step 5: You have done it! Now right click on your desktop screen and you will see the following picture! The Gadget option is back!

How To Get Gadgets Back in Windows 8

After clicking this option, you will get the default gadgets provided by Microsoft.

How To Get Gadgets Back in Windows 8

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