Obesity After Marriage? 10 Ways To Prevent [For Girls]

Obesity is one of the common problems in case of all girls that occurs just after marriage. The boys also have this problem. But the amount of fat increased in girls is far more than that of boys. This happens due to lack of consciousness towards some dietary habits. It also has a relationship with some drugs.

When a girl comes to a new place [most of the times, her husband’s house], she loses her old routine of taking foods, the number of foods, the quality of foods. She also suffers from mental imbalance after being separated from her parents and other family members. So, a multifactorial weight gain is the result.

Girls Health Tips 10 Ways To Prevent Obesity After Marriage

Now, I will discuss 10 techniques by which a girl can prevent extra weight gain after marriage. Here are those:

1. Maintain a constant dietary habit. E.g. have your breakfast, supper, and dinner just in time. One of the common reasons for obesity is the change in dietary timings. You can prevent post-marital weight gain by following a strict dietary timetable.

2. Physical Exercise is a must. Even though you don’t have a scope for physical exercise in a new environment, you can still manage time for this. Close the door of your bedroom and perform the physical exercise for at least 15 minutes a day. This will help you lose the extra amount of calorie and will make you slim.

3. Most of the girls eat junk foods during the honeymoon. This act is extremely harmful to their health. Natural foods including fruits and vegetables are the best foods for any time. Avoid junk foods to remain slim.

4. Post-marital parties are frequent nowadays. These parties offer heavy meals which are harmful to anyone. Avoid excess intake of foods even you are in a party. If you can’t resist yourself from all the delicious foods, make sure you drink sufficient amount of water for the digestion purpose.

5. Obesity occurs due to decreased calcium level in the body. So, drink a glass of milk every night to fulfill your dietary need for calcium. Avoid drinking tea and coffee.

6. Avoid Oral Contraceptive Pills [OCP]. Use other means of birth control like condoms, copper T, abstinence, safe periods, etc. OCPs have a side effect of making you obese.

7. Sleeping is good. But excessive sleeping will make you obese. Never sleep in the afternoon. Rather, you can read books or watch televisions for passing your time.

8. Avoid mental stress. All girls have to sacrifice after marriage. So, you have to realize this matter and become tension free. Always try to smile and be happy. Anxiety is one of the factors for weight gain.

9. Seek some help from any registered doctor if you have any kind of health problems. Never keep your problems with yourself. Tell your husband about any physical or mental imbalance you feel. Family planning also helps girls to remain fit for a longer duration after the marriage.

10. Work more and more. Physical exercise can be replaced by this habit. It will keep your body fit and prevent post-marital weight gain.

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