Government Job vs Private Job: Which Is better For Doctors

Many doctors in many countries are preferring a private job in the recent few years. Especially in Bangladesh, the scenario has changed drastically over the last 5 years. Doctors are trying to avoid government service and join private hospitals and general practice for many reasons. In this post from, we will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of both government job and private job for doctors in Bangladesh. It will match the case in many other countries as well. So, let’s start the discussion about Government Job vs Private Job for the doctors.

Government Job vs Private Job Which Is better For Doctors


1. Economic Safety: In Bangladesh, most of the new doctors come from a middle-class family. Most of them don’t usually have family support as soon as they pass their MBBS or BDS course. Moreover, some of them get married and have children also. They need a stable source of income to maintain their family. So, they prefer government job as a constant income source and keep their post-graduation courses away for at least 2 years.

2. Honor: This one was the number one reason for choosing government job among the doctors in Bangladesh over the past many years. In the government job, there is a facility to become a professor of a government medical college or hospital. It is a great honor for any doctor. Almost all the 1st year medical students dream about it. Those who have a family backup for income, are still preferring this reason to choose the government job ahead of the private ones.

3. Serving The Poor: There is a limited scope in private hospitals to serve the poor. Those who want to serve the poor, are preferring government job. In the current law for doctors in Bangladesh, a doctor must give service in the Upazilla Health Complex for the first 2 years after getting his/her government job. And poor patients usually come to government hospitals where there is a low cost for treatment. So, many doctors prefer government job to remain in the contact of the poor people and give service to them.


1. Delay In Post Graduation: The doctors who are selected for the government job, go to the village and serve for 2 years there. This hampers their study for the post graduation to a great extent. They become detached from books and find it much difficult to regain that studying mentality when they return to town after spending those 2 years in the village. His/her friends who were not preferring the govt job, get to the end of their post-graduation course when he/she starts the journey for post-graduation. It affects their subconscious mind and they become depressed also.

2. Away From Family: Our family needs our support not only economically but also by our presence. In the case of a government job, your family will miss you for the first 2 years. Those who are the only son/daughter of their parents find it much difficult to remain away from their parents for such a long time. Those who are married and have children, find it almost impossible to stay away from their family. So, this is one of the important disadvantages of a government job, though it is only for 2 years.

3. Economic Insufficiency: A government doctor gets a limited salary for his/her service in the government hospital. If he/she gives the same service in a private hospital, he/she gets a larger amount of money there. Money is needed for all. Doctors also need it as they also have their family to maintain. Thus, those who prefer government job for the starting of their career, resign from it when they complete their post-graduation. In the upcoming years, there will be a great tendency to this practice. Mark my words!


1. Economic Sufficiency: Any private hospital offers more money to a doctor than the same category of the government hospital. So, this is a good reason to choose a private job. The private job also includes general practitioners in own chambers. This is also a more profitable job than government jobs. A government doctor has to stay in the government hospital for at least 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, 26 days a month. For this 26×6 hours, he/she gets much less salary than any private doctor. So, economic sufficiency is a major factor to chose private jobs.

2. Early Post Graduation: Post-graduation makes a doctor more efficient to diagnose diseases and give proper treatment. Patients prefer post-graduate doctors for even simple common cold, let alone the complex diseases. So, there is an increasing tendency of completing the post-graduation among the doctors in Bangladesh. The try to pass their post-graduation as soon as possible to get more patients and earn more money to support the increasing demand for their families.

3. Living In Town With Family: A town has more resources than a village. Everyone likes to stay in a town to get privileges within the reach. Schools, colleges, hospitals, and all other organizations are located in town, especially in divisional cities like Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Sylhet, Barisal, Khulna, etc. So, doctors also want to live in town to get maximum resources within their reach. If a doctor prefers a govt job, he/she will have to stay for the first 2 years in a village. Not many of them find it suitable. So, they prefer anti-government jobs to stay in towns.


1. Initial Economic Struggle: Those who don’t have a family backup for money, struggle a lot in the initial few years of their private jobs. As they have no post-graduation degrees under their belt, they get a little money to live in a town alone, let alone living with a family. They work from dawn to dusk and sometimes 24 hours a day to earn the minimum amount of money to stay alive. There is no salary for the Honourary Medical Officers (HMO) who works for almost 8-16 hours a day in hospitals, just to fulfill the required training of a few years for their post graduation course. This is Inhumanely attitude by the policymakers in Bangladesh. It also kills the serving mentality of the doctors. When they pass their post-graduation, they try to make up that huge amount of dues money.

2. Other Disadvantages: It may include the inability to serve poor patients and sacrificing the dream of becoming a professor in any government institution.

From the above discussion, we find that both the government job and the private job has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. It’s your own choice to decide which one you want more.┬áGovernment Job vs Private Job battle will go on in the future also as both has got some good advantages.

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