Greenify ROOT: Ultimate App For Android Phone Battery Saving

Android phones are capable of performing multitasks. So, the battery of these phones become empty in a short time. There are many battery saving apps in Google Play Store which can save battery life by switching off Wifi, Bluetooth, Data services, brightness, etc. But none of them are so quick and reliable to hibernate running apps. Greenify is the ultimate app for Rooted Android phones which can hibernate running apps automatically when the screen light goes off.

It is a very common problem for all Android phone users that, they use apps and forget to close those apps after finishing their work. The apps remain open in the background and continue to drain battery power continuously. It results in an empty battery in quick time. So, Greenify actually does the forgotten work for you and saves your phone’s battery life.


1. Your phone must have Android version higher than 2.x and it must be rooted. To download this tiny [410Kb] app, visit Google Play Store [Click this link].

2. Download and install it on your phone.

3. Now, launch the app by touching the icon on the menu list. You will see a list of currently running apps on your phone. Select the apps which you want to Greenify automatically. Or touch the plus sign (+) in the right bottom corner of your screen to add the apps in Greenify.

Greenify ROOT: Ultimate App For Android Phone Battery Saving

4. Please be careful while selecting important apps like an alarm clock, messenger, etc. If you select these, the apps will be hibernated automatically after the screen light goes off and will not perform their functions in time.

5. Now, sit back and relax. Use apps and keep your phone without closing the apps. Greenify will automatically hibernate them when the screen light goes off. It means these apps will not run in the background and thus will save your battery power.


1. You can manually hibernate all the running apps in a single touch to your phone. While installing Greenify, a widget is automatically installed on your phone. Go to the Widget tab to find Hibernate Now widget. Now touch and hold this to take it in the home screen.

Greenify ROOT: Ultimate App For Android Phone Battery Saving

2. When you finish using an app/apps, just touch this leaf icon [Hibernate Now Widget] to hibernate all the running apps quickly.

See below screenshot. Your Greenify app will show these notifications according to the condition of your running apps:

Greenify ROOT: Ultimate App For Android Phone Battery Saving

Greenify ROOT: Ultimate App For Android Phone Battery Saving

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