Gynaecology Examination Question Of Rangpur Medical College

Rangpur Medical College is one of the oldest medical colleges in Bangladesh. It offers MBBS degree to the students. This is the assessment examination question for the final professional examination of MBBS. There are many types of questions in a professional examination. One of them in Written examination. Let’s see the written examination question of Gynecology for the year 2013.


Group – A

Q:1. A) Write down the changes in the vagina with age and parity.
B) Give the relation of the vagina.

Q:2. A lady 25 years old came to you with 15 weeks of pregnancy and retention of urine.
A) What is your probable diagnosis?
B) Give the treatment protocol.

Q:3. A) Define menopause. Give the signs and symptoms of menopause.
B) Mention the non-hormonal treatment of menopause.

Q:4. A 25 years old lady came to you with 6 weeks amenorrhoea, severe lower abdominal pain with
syncopal attack and severe anemia.
A) What is your probable diagnosis? Write down 6 points in favor of your diagnosis.
B) Give the treatment protocol.

Q:5. A) Define pelvic infection and classify it.
B) Write down the defense mechanism of the female genital tract.

Q:6. A) Define menstruation. Give the mechanism of action of menstruation.
B) Mention the management of normal menstrual bleeding.

Q:7. A) Define complete perineal tear. How can you prevent it?
B) How can you manage such a case with pre-operative preparation?

Q:8. A) Define contraceptive and classify it.
B) Write down the adverse effect of OCP. Give the treatment of breakthrough bleeding.

Group – B

Q:1. A) Define and classify abortion. Give etiology of 1st-trimester abortion.
B) Give the treatment protocol of missed abortion of 10 weeks size.

Q:2. A multiparous woman of 47 years old came with the complaints of H/O irregular per-vaginal
bleeding with foul-smelling discharge.
A) What is your probable diagnosis? How will you confirm the diagnosis?
B) Give the treatment protocol of this case. How can you prevent this in context of Bangladesh?

Q:3. How will you manage a girl of 14 years old with puberty menorrhagia and her Hb% is 3 gm/dl.

Q:4. A) Classify germ cell tumors of the ovary. Describe the role of chemotherapy in ovarian
B) How will you diagnose malignant ovarian tumor both clinically and preoperatively?

Q:5. A) Write down the effect of fibroid uterus in pregnancy and effect of pregnancy on fibroid
B) How fibroid uterus causes infertility?

Q:6. A nulliparous lady of 32 years old, married for 10 years came to you with cyclical menstrual
bleeding with severe intractable dysmenorrhoea and dyspareunia.
A) What is your probable diagnosis? How will you confirm it?
B) Give the treatment protocol?

Q:7. A 25 years old lady para 1+0 came to you with irregular PIV bleeding with HIO 2 times D&C and
OIE her fundal height is 18 weeks & B-hCG 1.5 lakh.
A) What is your probable diagnosis? What other supportive investigations you will do to treat
the case?
B) Give the treatment protocol and follow up schedule.

Q:8 Define primary amenorrhoea. Write down the investigation protocol of primary amenorrhoea.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Collected from: 49th MBBS, Rajshahi Medical college

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  1. molar pregnancy, amenorrhoea, infertility, dyspareunia
    waht is it? :S

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this. I find this very informative for someone that will the exam. Good luck to all those who has taken it.

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