How To Become A Friend Of Your Child: 10 Secret Tips

All parents want to become friends with their children. But it is not that easy to make it possible. As there is a generation gap, the likes and dislikes of you and your child is different from a large margin. You can’t remember 100% of your childhood, and that’s the main problem when you want to make your child a friend. Your mentality has changed to a large extent compared to that of your childhood. So, you need some tips on how to become friends with your child. In this post from, you are getting these tips below:

How to become a friend of you child


1. Start from the very beginning: It’s a fact that anything modified at the beginning gives you the best results. So, start being a friend from the very beginning of your child’s life. Your child may be too young to understand all the works you do for him/her, but all these small works will have an impact on their subconscious mind.

2. Give 100% Concentration: Children are 100% innocent. So, if you can concentrate 100% of them, keeping away all the other thoughts from your mind, you can surely behave like them. It’s crucial to behave like a child when you are interacting with a child.

3. Take care of your child: Taking care of your child means doing all the things he/she needs to live a quiet life. Keep all the things ready for him/her. It’s also necessary to make your child work a bit as your child will be idle if you don’t allow him/her to perform any of the works.

4. Have a sacrificing mentality: Your child may want to do a work that he/she should not do. In this case, you may explain the merits and demerits of the work and make him/her understand the necessity of that. Never beat your child. It will hurt their mind about you.

5. Buy gifts for them: Gifts can make anyone happy in seconds. So, buy them gifts at least once a week. It does not matter whether you buy a cheap or a precious gift, but your child will like it. In other words, it should be childish.

Tips 6-10:

6. Tell fairy tales: Tell them fairy tales before sleeping. They will enjoy it very much. But be cautious while telling ghost stories as they may think it as real and become frightened thinking of it all day.

7. Cook foods for your child: You may not be a good cook, but it’s always better to cook meals for them yourself than any home maid. These small things have very invisible importance and will make your connection with your child healthier.

8. Go for a walk in the morning: Habits gathered at childhood never changes. If you can make some good habits like walking in the early morning with your child, your child will be an early riser. It will also make their brain a better one. So, keep away all the idleness that you have right now and go for a walk with your child. If your child is going to school, always drop him/her every day at school. It will help you to become friends with your child.

9. Smile without reasons: It’s necessary to smile all the time. Every time you look at your child, you should smile with full confidence. It will show your personality to your child. They will also learn how to smile from the very beginning, which is very important in this world. It will also make your friendship a better and stronger one.

10. Question and Answer: Ask your child easy questions and test his/her intelligence. Also, answer all the problems that he/she asks you. It’s an easy way to make your child a friend.

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