How To Block Facebook Message From Unknown Persons

Facebook Messages are useful ways to keep contact with anyone who has a Facebook account. Sometimes, you may get messages from unknown peoples on Facebook. These will be shown on your Inbox along with other messages from your friends. If you want to block Facebook Messages from unknown persons, you have come to the right place! In this post, I will show you the way of blocking Facebook messages from going to the Inbox tab. Rather, they will go to the Other tab. So that you don’t mix up these messages of unknown persons with those of your friends.


1. At first, log in to your Facebook account. Then you will see the following lock icon [marked as 1 in the following picture] on the upper right corner of your screen. Click on the lock icon. You will see the following picture.

2. Now, click on Who can contact me? [marked as 2]. You will see the following picture after clicking:

How To Block Facebook Message From Unknown Persons

3. Now, tick the radio button beside Strict Filtering. That’s all! It means You will get messages from mostly your friends to your inbox. You may miss messages from other people you know. Those will go to the Other tab.

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