How To Disable Facebook Timeline And Restore Old Profile

Facebook Timeline is the new style of profile page by Facebook. It allows us to see our old posts and activities by a single click. But if you are not satisfied with the new look of the timeline, you can change your timeline by installing a small extension or add-on in your browser.

The Facebook timeline cannot be disabled permanently, but it can be disabled by some extensions. Which means, if you install one of them in your browser, you will see the old profile page in place of timeline in your and your friend’s account. But your friends will see the timeline of you unless they also use such extensions.

Well, to remove or disable the timeline, you have to follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Visit this website. Scroll down.

Step 2: Select your browser icon. There are 4 icons in which this extension works: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. If you are using any one of them, click on the icon of your browser. In this tutorial, I have used Comodo Dragon, a modified version of Google Chrome.

Step 3: Now you will see a pop-up window asking you to Add this extension in your browser. Click on ADD button to proceed.

How to remove Facebook Timeline

Step 4: Now the extension will be downloaded and installed automatically. Restart your browser after the installation.

How to remove Facebook Timeline

Step 5: Now visit this link to see whether your timeline has been changed to the old/classical profile page or not. I hope, you are smiling now, as the job is done! See my profile after installation of this extension:

How to remove Facebook Timeline

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