How To Get Back Your Hacked Facebook Account

How To Get Back Your Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook is the largest social website all over the world. Almost every people who use the internet knows about it and has an account in Security of Facebook is so strong so that only a few people can hack it! Therefore, you must remain safe so that nobody can hack your Facebook account. If accidentally your account gets hacked, then you must remain calm and try to follow the below steps to regain your account.


STEP 1: If you think that your account is hacked, simply visit this page: REGAIN FACEBOOK ACCOUNT

STEP 2: You will see the following scene there. Click on the button MY ACCOUNT IS COMPROMISED.

STEP 3: Now you will be redirected to a page that will ask you to identify your account by Email address, Username or Full Name. Use any one if these options and then click on SEARCH. See below screenshot:

Get back hacked Facebook Account

STEP 4: If you provide the exact information, in the next page you will see your ID with your profile picture. Now click on THIS IS MY ACCOUNT. See below screenshot:

Facebook Account regain

STEP 5: In the following page, you will be asked to enter your password. Enter the last remembered password that you used for your account. Now click on CONTINUE button.


STEP 6: Now Facebook authority will send a code in your mobile number or e-mail address. The full mobile number or email address will not be shown for security purpose. Only a part of it will be shown. Click on CONTINUE button.

Regain Facebook

STEP 7: Now enter the code sent to your mobile number or email address and click on CONTINUE button.

Hacked Facebook ID regained

STEP 8: Now a page will appear that will ask you to change your password. Give a stronger and new password. Make sure to select the radio button LOG ME OUT OF OTHER DEVICES before clicking on Continue. See below screenshot:

Facebook Account regained

Thus you can easily get back your hacked Facebook Account.

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