How To Get Rid Of Facebook Addiction In 15 Ways

Do you think, you are addicted to Facebook? Do you use Facebook several times a day? Do you feel depressed if you can’t check your Facebook Notifications for a day?

Then, frankly speaking, you are suffering from Facebook Addiction!

Nowadays, many people who have a Facebook account are suffering from this. It is silently killing them by wasting their valuable times. They are searching for friends in the virtual world but losing their friends in reality.

They are suffering from many mental diseases or in danger of many of them. But they can not understand that they are addicted; just like the drug addicts. They think that it is normal. But, you must calculate your time spent on Facebook daily and judge yourself honestly whether you are an addict or not.

If you think, you are not addicted to Facebook, read the following points you should do to remain away from Facebook Addiction. And if you think, you are addicted, you must follow these to get rid of this harmful behavior.


1. Don’t think that Facebook is your total world. There are many things other than Facebook and those are more important than Facebook. If you ignore all those and keep Facebooking, you might regret in the near future. So, ignore Facebook or at least try to ignore.

2. You must take care of your mind and health. Too much Facebooking wastes your valuable working time. So, try to do your daily important offline activities, then you may sit for Facebook.

3. You might feel greediness, depression, anger, astonished by some activities of your Facebook friends. You might be too much excited and your health may be in danger. So, try to avoid all the virtual matters and activities from Facebook friends.

4. Do not log on to Facebook when you are with your friends. Try to communicate with your friends in reality, not in chat. It will improve your relationship and make you more social. Facebook may be needed for friends who live away from you. But you must give priority to your nearby friends.

5. Do not try to be anything on Facebook, which does not go with your behavior. You might have fun telling some fake stories as status updates to your Facebook friends, but it is destroying your honesty and later in your life, you may feel that you are a cheat.

6. Do not log on to Facebook each and every minute to check for new notifications. Try to find out a fixed time in a day for Facebooking.  Use Facebook at that exact time every day. It will be better if you use Facebook, not more than 1 hour daily.

7. Do not think that you must update your status daily or hourly. Your friends will find you irritating when they will see your frequent status on their homepage.

How to get rid of facebook addiction

8. Don’t be a “like and comment seeker”. You should not post anything and expect huge numbers of likes and comments from your friends. You have to understand that everyone is busy in this world. So, if you don’t get the number of likes and comments, do not get depressed. It is harmful to your mind.

9. Don’t tag any photo where that person is not present. These behaviors are like crimes. When people get photo tag not related to them, they might get angry and your friends may turn into your enemy.

10. Don’t copy-paste your friend’s status or photo. Copy-paste is a very bad thing. You may use the Share button if you want to add that to your timeline.

11. Whatever popular you are, try to reply to a message from any Facebook user. It will make you more popular. Don’t think that, replying to anyone will make you inferior to them.

12. Try to like anything after proper judgment. Don’t like carelessly. Whatever you like is being shown on your friend’s homepage. So, do not like anything which may be embarrassing to anyone.

13. Don’t think for an hour to update your status. Don’t check the like numbers, share numbers, comment numbers frequently. When you do that, you lose your valuable time. There is nothing like perfect status, as there is nothing like a perfect human.

14. Try to make a phone call your friends once a month, not sending a message on Facebook. Your friends will be happier receiving a call from you than getting a message on Facebook.

15. Try to secure your Facebook account. Regularly change passwords and do not use Facebook from an unknown device. If your account gets hacked, your life may be ruined.

In this post, I am not telling that, do not use Facebook. I am telling that, you must use Facebook, but with caution and limit. Facebook is an essential part of our life nowadays. But there are many other essential parts of our life too. Do not forget them when you are on Facebook. It will make you more social than Facebook.

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