How To Reduce Traffic Jam In Dhaka City In Bangladesh

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. The heart of Bangladesh allocates around 1,20,00,000 people in a little area of 315 square miles. The city is not built according to a good plan to allocate this huge number of people. The roads are not broad enough for a huge number of vehicles. So, traffic jam has become the number one problem in Dhaka. If you have been living in Dhaka for a day or more, you must have noticed that it is a time-killing incident for all those people who are stuck in their vehicles in the busy traffic jam in Dhaka. In this post from, we will try to find out the causes of this problem and also suggest some possible ways to reduce traffic jams in Dhaka city. So, let’s start.

How To Reduce Traffic Jam In Dhaka City In Bangladesh


1. Use of public transports: The cost of private cars has reduced and the income of many people has increased. So, they are buying cars one after another. The government is not restricting them because it is the right of any people to buy a vehicle. Thus, the number of cars is increasing on the road in Dhaka city. 40 people can travel on a bus which is almost 30 feet long. But, if all of those people buy cars and travel by driving personally, the length of those 40 cars will be around 400 feet. It will capture a lot of area on the road and will create a traffic jam. So, it is our own duty to travel by public transports and reduce traffic jams.

2. Making roads broad: There are many roads that are too narrow to allow passage of two vehicles side by side at a time. The government must identify those areas and make those roads broader by capturing the land and by removing the illegal markets and hawkers from the sides. If the footpaths remain free, then there will be no people on the main road and the vehicles will get enough room to go forward. Making different lanes for different types of vehicles are also needed. But, that can’t be done if there is a narrow breadth for the roads.

3. Enforcing the traffic rules: There is a lack of traffic police in Dhaka city compared to the number of traffic jams. There are many places where two vehicles collide with each other and start quarrelling like crazy in front of a huge vehicle line. These silly activities affect the vehicles behind those two vehicles a lot and traffic jam results. The general people must be very conscious about these activities by arresting and sending those culprits to the police. If there is a fear of being caught, then nobody will quarrel in the middle of the road and create a traffic jam.

4. Flyovers and Underpasses: There are some crossroads where 4 roads meet. Then the traffic police stop the vehicles of the 3 roads and allow the vehicles of only one road to pass at a time. It creates pressure on those 3 roads. It also kills time a lot. To avoid this, the government has already made some flyovers in Dhaka in Mohakhali, Kuril, Banani, Khilgaon, Mirpur-Airport Road, etc. But, there are some more places where flyovers are mandatory. Besides, they can also look for underpasses in those spots. It will be less costly and more effective.

5. Underground Railway: The underground railway construction is going on at a rapid speed and it will lessen the burden of people on the roads. People must use the railway on a regular basis and help Dhaka to become a traffic jam-free city.

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  1. Only I can solve the problem of Traffic Jam in Dhaka City. I have a new idea and old technology to solve the problem. Flyover, Metro Rail, Subway, Over way is not a solution. But there is a solution. I can help if I am invited to explain by PowerPoint seminar on traffic jam.


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