How To Save Or Rescue A Wet Mobile Phone Easily

Mobile phones have become part and parcel of our lives. The regular use of this device makes it vulnerable to damage. One of the most common types of damage to the phone is by being wet with water. This can occur if you keep your phone in your pocket while you take a bath, go outside with it while it rains or it may accidentally fall from your hand on the water. Most of the mobile phones are not water resistant. So, your phone will grab some water inside it and become damp. It will start misbehaving and gradually become damaged fully. To prevent all these consequences, you need to know how to save a wet mobile phone. Here are some useful tips for you.

Save Or Rescue A Wet Mobile Phone Easily

1. As soon as you notice that your phone is in contact with the water, take it back from the water. Your phone has many pores for multiple purposes. Water normally enters inside your phone through these pores. It may take 5-30 seconds to enter water inside your phone. So, make sure you take it back to a dry place as soon as you can.

2. Your phone must be switched on when it fell on the water. So, quickly turn it off as there may be short circuits which will damage your phone.

3. Open the case and remove the battery of your phone. The battery of your phone is the source of energy. So, when you remove it quickly, your phone will be saved by 50%.

4. Separate the SIM cards. SIM cards contain different information like contacts, messages, etc. So, you should separate it quickly to save the information.

Save Or Rescue A Wet Mobile Phone Easily

5. Separate the memory chip. It contains the most important part of your information such as photos, videos and other types of files. Separate it to save the information.

6. Separate the other parts of the phone. Open as many parts as you can. It will help you dry your phone more quickly.

Save Or Rescue A Wet Mobile Phone Easily

7. Take a dry piece of clothes and wipe each and every drop of water from all the parts you have separated.

8. You can use a vacuum cleaner for drying your phone. It will ensure that each drop of water is removed from your phone.

9. You can use dry rice to dry your phone. Dry rice has the capability of grasping nearby water. So, keep your phone inside some dry rice for 10 hours to get a better result. Always clean the phone with clothes or vacuum cleaner after removing it from the dry rice.

Save Or Rescue A Wet Mobile Phone Easily

10. Now, join all the parts of your phone and turn it on. If it works OK, then you have saved the phone. If it starts misbehaving, separate the battery and take it to a technician for help. Remember, never use fire or the sun to dry your phone. It may cause danger.

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