How To Shut Down Computer Automatically After A Given Time

Have you ever tried shutting down your computer automatically after a given time limit? Well, this can be done easily without any extra software. Whenever you decide to shut down the computer automatically, just follow the easy steps below. The steps are explained with clear image screenshots to make you understand the whole process.


1. At first, you need to decide after how much time you want to shut down your computer. Suppose, it is 10 minutes. Then calculate a bit and convert it into seconds. Well, it’s very easy. As we know, 1 minute = 60 seconds. So, 10 minutes = 10×60 seconds = 600 seconds.

2. After the first step, press windows button + R to open the Run window. You can also open the Run window from the start menu [Windows XP and 7] and by right-clicking on the lower-left corner in Windows 10. It will look like this:

How To Shutdown Computer Automatically After A Given Time

3. Now, type shutdown.exe -s -t 600 in the input section of the Run window. Here, 600 is the time in seconds. You can change the value according to your wish. But, all the other words will be the same. Lastly, click on the OK button or hit the Enter button from your keyboard.

How To Shutdown Computer Automatically After A Given Time

That’s all! You can go anywhere you want leaving your computer. It will automatically shut down after 600 seconds/10 minutes.

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