HTC Mobile Handset Updated Price List In Bangladesh

HTC is one of the renowned brand worldwide in the field of mobile phones. HTC or High Tech Computer Corporation made some attractive mobile devices in the past. Recently, they have made some good smartphones for Android lovers. Bangladesh does not have a good market for these phones as the price is a little bit on the higher side. But still it is adorable to those who want to taste the best!

In Bangladesh, there are few people who prefer to buy HTC phones. There is a lack of customer support of HTC in Bangladesh. So, if you buy one of these, you must gather accurate information about the customer support of that phone from the dealer.

HTC Mobile Handset Updated Price List In Bangladesh

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Here is the updated price list of HTC phones available in Bangladesh:


HTC One X = 38,000/= BDT
HTC One X+ = 45,000/= BDT
HTC One V = 18,500/= BDT
HTC Sensation XL = 31,000/= BDT
HTC Sensation XE = 32,000/= BDT
HTC Evo 3D = 35,000/= BDT
HTC Explorer = 11,000/= BDT
HTC Desire 3D = 28,000/= BDT
HTC 7 Pro = 28,000/= BDT
HTC HD7 Pro = 27,000/= BDT
HTC HD7 [8 GB] = 28,000/= BDT
HTC ChaCha = 16,000/= BDT
HTC Flyer P510E = 48,000/= BDT
HTC Sensation = 40,000/= BDT
HTC Desire X = 23,000/= BDT
HTC Desire VC = 24,500/= BDT
HTC Desire V = 24,000/= BDT
HTC Desire S = 26,000/= BDT
HTC Desire = 28,000/= BDT
HTC Incredible S = 36,000/= BDT
HTC HD2 Mini = 30,000/= BDT
HTC Wildfire S = 12,000/= BDT
HTC Wildfire = 13,000/= BDT
HTC Smart = 9,500/= BDT
HTC 7 Trophy = 28,000/= BDT
HTC 7 Mozart = 30,000/= BDT

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  1. Vai, amar HTC Desire 626 phone, but amar phone a charge thake na. Automatically charge shesh hoye jay. Ki korbo vai, bolen please. Ami to vabchilam je HTC mobile valo. Ekhon dekhi ei obostha.


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