How To Increase The Font Size Of Windows 7

At first, see two photos from a computer running Windows 7 operating system.

1st photo:

How To Increase the Font Size of Windows 7

2nd photo:

How To Increase the Font Size of Windows 7

Which one do you like most?

Whose eyes are very good, they may like any one of them.

But those who do not want to apply pressure on their eyes, they will undoubtedly like the second picture.

The text in the second picture is larger than the text of the first one.

Do you know, how to do it?
It is very easy! It will take just 10 seconds!


(1) Click START & type RUN in the search box. then press ENTER. Alternatively, you can press the Windows button on your keyboard (❖) and the R button at a time.

Now write CONTROL COLOR there & then press ENTER.

(2) You will see a window. Click on DESKTOP to select ICON in that option.

(3) Make your choice of font, font size, color, bold, etc. Then click APPLY.

Fonts will be larger than before in your computer shortly. I hope, you will like the new look of your PC.

4 thoughts on “How To Increase The Font Size Of Windows 7”

  1. Sir Sujon Paul,
    I am in trouble with my Windows 7 that is my file & folder’s Bangla font or name is too much smaller but English fonts are ok. Reading with Bangla font in file or folder it’s difficult to see & verify. Sir, I think you are understanding my condition. Please give me the solution that how can I increase my Bangla font size for standard view. Thank you.


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