Keep The Toothbrush Clean And Germ-Free: 5 Tips

The toothbrush is a must in our daily life. We use it in the morning and at night. Sometimes we use it after taking foods at other times of the day. As it is a tool related to our teeth hygiene, we should keep it clean and germ-free. But, most of the people don’t know how to keep the toothbrush clean and germ-free. In this post from, you will know 5 tips to keep the toothbrush clean & germ-free.

Our mouth cavity contains millions of bacteria. These bacteria do not cause harm because we have immunity and defense like skin, mucous membrane, and different germ-killing materials in our saliva. Our toothbrush becomes infected with these bacteria every time we use it. If someone has cut his/her gum by accident during brushing, these bacteria can easily enter the body and cause harm. Again, most of the people store their toothbrush in their bathrooms. Thus the cockroaches wander freely over those at night. It is another cause of oral infection as well as gastroenteritis.

Keep The Toothbrush Clean & Germ-Free 5 Ways


  1. Never Store In Toilets: Never store the toothbrush in the toilets. It causes the germs of your stool and urine to mix easily with the toothbrush. It also allows the cockroaches and other insects to explore the toothbrush easily at night.
  2. Rinse It Well: After brushing, rinse it well with running tap water. If you have diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Diseases, and Kidney Diseases, sink it in disinfectant liquid for some time. You will get these toothbrush cleaning liquids in the market.
  3. Store The Toothbrush Upright: Keep the head of the brush upright. It will allow the water to move downwards due to gravity. Thus it will make the toothbrush clean quickly.
  4. Store In Open Air: Keep the brush in a place where free air can access the toothbrush. It will make the brush dry quickly.
  5. Keep Away From Other Toothbrushes: Do not keep the toothbrush adjacent to the other brushes of your family members. It will cause the bacteria of one person to enter to the other person. Use different chambers for different brushes.

So, thanks for reading this post regarding 5 tips to keep the toothbrush clean and germ-free.

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