Keyboard Shortcuts For Using Facebook In Computer

Keyboard Shortcuts For Using Facebook In Computer

Do you know, you can browse Facebook with some keyboard shortcuts? There is no need to put a hand on your mouse/touchpad! Let’s see what can be done by your keyboard.

When you have a page open in your browser, press the following keys on your keyboard to perform the following tasks:

For Windows:
Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
Chrome: Alt + #
Internet Explorer: Alt + #

For Mac:
Firefox : Control + #
Chrome: Control + Option + #
Safari: Control + Option + #

Shortcuts (#)
1: home
2: timeline/profile
3: friends
4: messages
5: notifications
6: general account settings
7: privacy settings
8: Facebook’s Facebook page
9: legal terms
0: help center
m: new message
?: search

In lightbox mode:
L: Like, Unlike photos.
Left and right arrow keys: Skip back and forth between photos.

Thus, you can browse from your keyboard. Put your mouse away and browse Facebook easily!

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