Keyboard Shortcuts For Using Facebook In Computer

Do you know, you can browse Facebook with some keyboard shortcuts? There is no need to put a hand on your mouse/touchpad! Let’s see what can be done by your keyboard.

When you have a page open in your browser, press the following keys on your keyboard to perform the following tasks:

For Windows:
Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
Chrome: Alt + #
Internet Explorer: Alt + #

For Mac:
Firefox : Control + #
Chrome: Control + Option + #
Safari: Control + Option + #

Shortcuts (#)
1: home
2: timeline/profile
3: friends
4: messages
5: notifications
6: general account settings
7: privacy settings
8: Facebook’s Facebook page
9: legal terms
0: help center
m: new message
?: search

In lightbox mode:
L: Like, Unlike photos.
Left and right arrow keys: Skip back and forth between photos.

Thus, you can browse from your keyboard. Put your mouse away and browse Facebook easily!