Laptop Care: 10 Common Tips For New Laptop Users

Laptop computers have been the most bought electronic devices after the mobile phone for the recent few years. Portability is the main advantage of a laptop. Besides, it can perform complex tasks with ease. People who have money are buying this device for many reasons. If you are buying a laptop for the first time, you should use this device with care. These tips might help you to use your laptop more effectively and increase your laptop’s life span.

1. Charge the battery to the full after buying the laptop. Do not use the laptop when it becomes charged for the first time.

2. When the battery is fully charged, remove the cable from the laptop as well as the socket. Then use your laptop for the first time.

3. Read the user manual carefully. Most people don’t read it, thus they lag behind and ask help for some simple tasks online.

4. Keep an eye on the battery icon every time. Regularly check the battery percentage by hovering the mouse cursor over the icon. Make sure you recharge the battery before it crosses the critical level of 10%.

5. Do not use the laptop in sunlight. Keep it safe and away from water or any liquid. Use a cooling pad for increased battery life.

6. Do not install unnecessary software. Close or minimize the software that you do not need currently.

7. Open any movie or video file from the internal hard disk. Do not use external hard disk or CD/DVD ROM drive for a long time.

8. Make sure that there is no obstacle to the air ventilation way of your computer.

9. Close the Bluetooth and Wifi connection when you do not need these.

10. Discharge the laptop battery to its full capacity at least once a month. Then recharge it. It will increase your battery’s life span.

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