Lifestyle Tips: 10 Ways to Make The Most of Ramadan

Ramadan has finally come in the life of pious Muslims all over the world. People want to gain the mercy of the Almighty Allah in this holy month. So, they need to work in a systematic way. If you follow some rules in this month, you will get the grace of Allah easily. Here are 10 tips to live a decent life during Ramadan.

1. Be simple. You were so complex in your daily lifestyle all year. But, this is the high time to be calm. Do your daily works decently. Do not be over excited. Always remember Allah. You will surely be blessed by Allah.

2. Always make a plan of the next day before you go to sleep. You must follow this rule to make your next day a success. Plan for the works to be done and write those in a paper. Work hard to complete those works before sunset in the next day i.e: during Roza. It will bring you more grace of Allah.

3. Set an alarm on your clock or mobile phone before 1 hour of last moment of Sehri. Remember Allah when you get up from the bed. Then be prepared for Sehri. Have a balanced diet so that you can perform your job all day long.

Lifestyle Tips: 10 Ways to Make The Most of Ramadan

4. Some people sleep after eating Sehri. But this is not the right way. You should not sleep after Fajr Prayer. Rather you should say your prayer and start your daily works. If you do not have any works, sit and pray to Allah for a successful life. It is 100 times better than sleeping at that time.

5. Recite the Holy Quran every day before and after each prayer. You will be able to finish the whole Quran by 30 days if you recite 20 pages each day. So, it is the best chance to gain the ultimate mercy of Allah.

6. Try to be honest in your daily life. Do not speak lie, do not cheat anybody, do not utter bad words. Make sure your Roza is intact. Try to help people by any means. These tips are hard to do but are most effective if you can do so.

7. Avoid evil thoughts and works. Do not smoke, drink, eat during the Roza. Do not be tentative if someone does all these things in front of you. Your patience is always judged by Allah. You can easily pass this examination if you remain strict in your mind.

8. Say your prayers timely and 5 times a day. Do not miss any prayer due to work. Give your prayer the first priority, then to your works.

9. Break your fast/Roza by water and some light foods during iftar. You need an exact Ramadan calendar for this purpose. Collect the Ramadan Calendar of 2019 by clicking this link.

10. Do not be greedy during the night. Do not eat excess foods and thus become sick. Try to restrict yourself from all excess things during this month. I wish yourself a happy and successful Ramadan.

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