Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage: Advantages & Disadvantages

Love is the most beautiful feeling which a person experiences in his life. Love Marriage is thus very special for all person who loves someone in their life. Arranged Marriage is a marriage in which two unknown persons meet each other during the marriage ceremony and start the conjugal life. There is a controversy between Love Marriage & Arranged Marriage over the last few decades. Young Generation is getting more and more desperate towards Love Marriage. But their parents want them to marry according to their wish which is known as Arranged Marriage. In this post, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both types of marriage so that you can make your own choice.

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage Advantages & Disadvantages

Love Marriage Advantages or Arranged Marriage Disadvantages:

1. In Love Marriage, you know your partner well. So, you have less chance of collision of attitudes. You know his/her likes, dislikes, needs, feelings etc. So, you don’t have to spend time on these things after marriage.

2. If you feel any problem after Love Marriage regarding the new environment, you can speak it to your partner with ease. In Arranged Marriage, it is more difficult.

3. If you are a girl, you will feel much lesser sorrow when you left your parents and go to the in-law’s home in case of Love Marriage.

4. In most of the love marriages, the age of the boy and the girl is equal or near equal. So, there is no problem in understanding each other. In Arranged Marriages, the boy is sometimes much older than the girl, which causes a generation gap leading to understanding problems.

5. You can’t blame any other person if any problem appears in your life after marriage. In Arranged Marriage, people blame their parents when they have any kind of conjugal disharmony.

Arranged Marriage Advantages or Love Marriage Disadvantages:

1. In Arranged Marriage, parents select the right person for their son/daughter. They do this with their experience. So, there is a few chances of a mismatch. In Love Marriage, frequent divorce may occur as there may be no responsibility towards each other.

2. In Arranged Marriage, girls remain conscious about the people of her in-law’s home. So, they behave gently and show respect to their husband’s parents. In Love Marriage, this practice is not always seen, causing a disharmony in the family.

3. Arranged Marriages occur between established man and woman. So, there is less chance of an economic problem after the marriage. Love Marriage can result in economic problems which may turn the love into hate!

4. You can marry whenever you want if you want an Arranged Marriage. You can establish yourself, completing the studies, getting a job etc. But in Love Marriage, you have to sacrifice your valuable time and opportunities for marrying the person you love, as his/her family will pressurize you to marry.

5. In Arranged Marriage, parents remain happy as their choice is the final decision. They pray for your prosperous life. It will help your life later on.

From the above discussion, we came to a decision that, Love Marriages are not always good. But the Arranged Marriages have problems also. So, it is a good idea to love someone, then marry him/her by taking permission from his/her family. It may be called a mixed type of marriage [both Love & Arranged]. It will bring you the maximum happiness and there will be few problems after the marriage.

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