Marquee Scrolling Post Headlines Widget For Blogger Blog

Blogger Widgets are very attractive in most of the cases. HTML Widgets are supported by Blogger. So, you can use any HTML widget there and enjoy the benefits of those.

One of the most important widgets of a blog is Scrolling Post Headlines Widget which can be put on top of your blogger blog. It contains a selected number of post title links that scrolls and attracts your readers so that they can click on them and read the post. It helps to increase your page view and make your blog more popular among the visitors. There are many widgets available on the internet regarding this task. But most of them are too heavy. In this post, I will give you a simple Scrolling Post Headlines Widget for Blogger. Just follow the easy steps:

Marquee Widget


1. Login to and select Layout from the drop-down menu beside your blog name.

2. Click on Add a Widget. A new popup window will appear.

3. Click on HTML/Javascript.

4. Now, copy the following code and paste it in the content box.

5. Make the necessary changes to your links. Edit the links with your blog post links and titles.

6. Click on Save.

That”s it! Your blog is ready and a scrolling post headline bar is running!


<marquee behavior=%u201Dscroll%u201D direction=%u201Dleft%u201D bgcolor=%u201D#FFFFFF%u201D<br ></marquee><br /><br /><br />
onmouseover=%u201Dthis.stop()%u201D onmouseout=%u201Dthis.start()%u201D scrollamount=%u201D4%u2033> </p><br /><br />
<p><img src=%u201D alt=%u201DNEW%u201D data-recalc-dims=%u201D1%u2033/></p><br /><br />
<p><a href=%u201D><b>SUJONHERA-Love Is Life</b></a></p><br /><br />
<p><a href=%u201D><b>GET THIS WIDGET</b></a></p><br /><br />

Thank you for reading the post regarding Scrolling Post Headlines Widget For Blogger Blog. Check out other posts regarding blogger blog and make your blog more attractive to the visitors.

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