Marriage Between 2 Doctors: Advantages & Disadvantages

If a doctor marries another doctor, they will have some advantages and also some disadvantages. In this post from, you will know the advantages and disadvantages of a doctor couple. So, let’s start.


1. Helping each other in career: A doctor will always get more help from his/her spouse if she/he is also a doctor. This happens due to the fact that, they grow up in a similar environment and knows each others needs very well. They can discuss their problems and help them to overcome those easily. This advantage is not possible if a doctor marries a non-medical person.

2. Economic Fluency: If a doctor marries another doctor, there will be a dual source of income. As doctors earn more than many other professions in this world, the doctor couples will earn even more than that without much effort. So, this is one of the great advantages.

Marriage Between 2 Doctors Advantages & Disadvantages

3. Advantages for family members: If the family members of a doctor couple become ill, they can seek help from any one of the doctors. So, if one of them is busy, the other one can help immediately. So, it can be of great importance in emergency conditions.

4. Advantages for children: A doctor couple’s children gets a brilliant brain by birth. As both of their parents are brilliant enough, they will also be brilliant and become succeed in life. They will be very proud too for their parents, which is a great mental satisfaction for a child.

5. Meetings in the workplace: Doctors can choose their workplace according to their wish. They may work in the same hospital to remain close to each other. They can meet during their working hours and share ideas. It helps to grow a tight bond between them and also give them a mental satisfaction.


1. Meetings at home: Very few doctor couples are lucky to meet their spouse once in every day of a month at home. As most of the doctors are busy in their workplace, they don’t get enough time for their personal life. They have to perform 8-24 hours of duty a day. So, the conjugal life can be hampered if a doctor marries another doctor.

2. Detachment from friends and family: As stated in the above point, the doctor couples get less time for their personal life. Hence, they lack times with their friends and family members. It may create misunderstanding and detachment between them.

3. Economic Comparison: A doctor couple will face this problem too often. If one of them earns more than the other, they will feel shy on this matter. It may also create quarrel between them and they may face divorce too if it goes to the extreme point.

4. Disadvantages for the children: The children of a doctor couple get less time from their parents. As their parents remain busy from dawn to dusk in their workplace, they depend on other family members or babysitters during their childhood. This affects their mentality and education as well. It creates a gap between them and their parents.

So, you can see from the above discussion that, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of marrying a doctor if you are also a doctor. It’s difficult to say whether it is good or bad. Rather, it is up to you to make your married life a success by means of a good understanding with your spouse.

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  1. I’m Aisha. I’m a medical student and got 75% in my exams. My boyfriend is a medico too. But, he got 69%. He is a great student but lacks in his presentation of papers. Now we have a conflict over our marks ranges. What can I do?

    • All you can do is supporting him and not thinking about these mismatches in your relationship. Relationship occurs between two persons of different types. There is no way that you two always get the exact marks.


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