Marriage Tips: When You Should Marry Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Most young people who are in a relationship, can’t decide when to marry. They suffer from indecision and thus lengthen the time before marriage. Some of them are so frightened that they can’t even tell their parents about the relationship. Economic instability is another big factor. They can’t even understand whether they will be happy after marriage or not. So, this is a great problem for almost all lovers in this world. To enter into a stable life, you should marry in proper time. Thus, you need some marriage tips.

Marriage Tips: When You Should Marry Your Girlfriend

In Bangladesh and many other countries in this world, the minimum age for marriage according to the law is 21 [for boys] and 18 [for girls]. It means you can’t marry before this age. But, there is no rule about the maximum age of marriage. So, we need to think about this matter with importance as people are delaying marriage due to a number of reasons. Let’s discuss these matters and decide when to marry your girlfriend or boyfriend to be happy in life.


1. You two are close enough: You have been in a relationship for a year or a few, you know each other very well. Your likes, dislikes, needs, wishes, and all other matters are known to your girlfriend/boyfriend. Then this is the right time to marry. Don’t delay as it may be too late.

2. It’s time to convince your parents: Most lovers fear to tell their parents about their relationship. Thus, their parents remain in darkness and they arrange settled marriage for them. It hampers the rest of their lives. So, if you two feel that you are close enough, it’s high time that you tell your parents. They are also humans. They will surely understand your feelings if you make them understand. This is one of the most important steps to start married life with your girlfriend.

3. Economic Problem: In recent years, prices of all things have increased by several folds. So, you need a lot of money to arrange a proper marriage ceremony and live with happiness thereafter. You should think about this matter from the very beginning of your love life. You should save money for the future. Again, you must be self-dependent before marriage. If you can do so, it will not be a great problem before your marriage.

The main problems are discussed above. You need to ensure that you have the solution to all these problems before marriage. Then you can marry and start a happier life than before.

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  1. Teenage level don’t think about Economic Problem. They emphasis on emotion rather than their financial ability. But After 23-24 A young man emphasis on Financial ability to marry someone! For this crisis, True love wipe away…Most of time!


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