Meaning Of Bangladesh Smart National ID Card Number

The Bangladesh Election Commission has introduced National ID Card Number [Voter ID Cards] for all people of Bangladesh aged more than 18 years. This card is of great importance. You can perform many tasks with this card. Every card has a unique identity number. You need this to open any bank accounts or in any forms to verify your identity. You should copy this number permanently to your memory so that you can use it whenever you need it. But, the number is of 10 digits, which is a bit difficult to remember for most people.

N.B: Earlier in this post, I showed you the easy way to remember your National ID Card Number and explain the hidden meaning of all the digits. NID was of 17 digits at that time. But, now Bangladesh National ID Card is of 10 digits. And there is no meaning of these 10 digits. It is randomly selected for a person.

Nine of the 10 digits will be randomly formed, while the last digit will act as the checksum.

Zero is not used as the first number, a particular digit does not appear four or more times, one particular digit does not appear three consecutive times and sequences are kept out.

The experts recommended the 10-digit number after reviewing NID card number systems and types of 12 countries, uniqueness, number sequence, rate of population growth, and the overall system.

The card will remain the same at list 200 years from now. After that, there may be a need to extend the number to 11 digits.

Meaning of 10 digits Smart NID Card in Bangladesh


At first, look at a National ID Card. For example, we take a random number: 19858198510123456.

It is a 17 digit National ID Number, which may or may not exist, as I have written these numbers randomly. Now, let’s break this number into several parts like this: 1985-81-9-85-10-123456 [Remember to break it in following a number of digits: 4-2-1-2-2-6]

Now, the meaning of these numbers:

1985= Your birth year! So, it is pretty easy for you to remember.

81= Your District Code. You must remember your own District Code for your own sake.

9= RMO Code. City Corporation=9, Cantonment=5, Municipality/Pourosova=2, Rural Area=1, City Area outside Pourosova=3, Others=4

85= Your Upazilla/Thana/Police Station number.

10= Your Union/Ward number.

123456= The registration form number in which you filled up your details during the ID card creation process.

Remember all these numbers like this. It will be easier to remember and recall at any time if necessary.

Thanks for reading this post about National ID Card Number.

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  1. Ami amar voter form slip hariye felechi. Ekhon kivabe form number/NID pabo?

    1. Make a GD in the nearby police station and then contact the nearby Election Commission Office with the GD copy.

  2. Dear Brother, I lost my NID card but I have voter number which is 880376000100. Now how can I get an ID number online? Please help me.

  3. Amar smart card kivabe ami pate pari?

  4. Ami date of birth vule gechi. But, slip ache. Number: 32855388. Please solve my problem.

  5. Ami 2012 te voter hoyechi, but amar delivery slip hariye geche. Ami ekhon ki vabe pabo?

  6. Amar ID number 5551507667. Eta ki asol number ki na bujhbo kivabe?

    1. It’s not. Because all NID starts with the persons birth year and contains a total of 17 digits.

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