Measure Your Mouse Movements With AntiMousing Software

Have you ever thought of measuring your mouse movements? How many kilometers your mouse travel every day? Or, How accurate your mouse movements are?

Well, I have not! But, now you can surely know all these answers with a tiny software of 20 Kilobyte! Yes, the name is AntiMousing. It is a very effective software that will provide you with some data that may change your mouse movement strategy.

Measure Your Mouse Movements With AntiMousing Software

In a statistics, it has been revealed that you make almost 1 million illegal/inappropriate mouse moves in a year! That sounds astonishing! But it’s all have recorded documents, so you can’t ignore these statistics! It’s possible only for this software.


1. Hides in your computer’s system tray.
2. Counts every mouse Move you make.
3. Counts every mouse Click you make.
4. Counts every mouse Drag you make (a drag is counted as a click and a move).
5. Does not count very small moves (very small moves happen often when you click).
6. Does not count the use of your scroll wheel. In this program, scrolling is equal to drag.
7. Measures how aggressively you use your mouse (MRS = Mouse Raging Syndrome).
8. Provides your mouse Accuracy level.
9. Installs itself into your system tray.
10. Resets all information every time you restart.

And all the records are shown in graphical statistics so that you can understand these quickly. If you are a good mouse user, your statistics color will be green or even blue in all aspects. The rest is yours! Just download this tiny software from the original website and invent many unknown things about yourself! After downloading, Unzip/Unrar the file and open it.

Thanks for reading this post!

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