Microsoft Edge: The Best Alternative To Google Chrome

Microsoft has moved to the new Edge browser from the old one. And this is way better than its previous version. For just a curiosity, I have shifted to this latest Microsoft Edge browser for a week and noticed some functional changes. So, I decided to share those with you.

The new Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, both use the Chromium platform. So, they look quite similar. But, there are reasons why you should move from Google Chrome and have a try at the new Microsoft Edge. 

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome


The main reason why I chose to shift is, I always want to keep my PC clean. I preferably want to use fewer and lighter software to fulfil my requirements. As I noticed after an update of Microsoft Windows 10, I am getting the new Edge browser on my PC. I compared the two browsers. And I found that the latest Edge browser takes much fewer resources than Google Chrome. Both are stable. So, why not give a change to my taste?

As I started using the new browser, I noticed that the settings are much more accessible than Google Chrome. I can go to the Extensions in just two clicks, wherein Google Chrome, it takes three clicks (although I used a bookmark to get it in only one click). The settings are there in a simple manner, which is very helpful for general people.

The new Edge browser has a built-in feature called Read Aloud. It just reads the texts you select loudly, and you don’t need to read it spending your precious time and energy. There are extensions for this purpose in Chrome too, but on Edge, you don’t need to use an extra extension for this purpose. 

The Edge browser is more secure than Chrome. It has some fantastic options to block harmful websites and apps in the settings.

Some people may found it difficult to change the search engine from Bing to Google. They can easily do that from Settings > Privacy and services > Services > Address Bar.

These are the notable differences I found. Please comment below if you find any other differences.

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