Money Creation: How Much It Cost To Print Bangladeshi Taka

Money in the vehicle of the economy. But, you need money to create money. Money travels from man to man after being created. Sometimes users ruin the money with or without intention, by changing the colours of it or by making it torn. Then it becomes unusable. Bangladesh Bank burns those money papers by collecting those from the public. Then the government also has to print money to overcome the loss of currency. In Bangladesh, similar things happen. So, in this post from, you will know about the money creation cost in Bangladesh. How much it cost to print Bangladeshi taka of different amounts? Let’s check out.

Bangladesh Bank states that a coin of one taka costs 95 paisa to be created. 2 taka coin creation cost is 1.20 taka. A 5 taka coin costs 1.95 taka for creation. The cost of producing a coin is less for the higher value coins. The most valuable note in Bangladesh is 1000 taka. It costs around 7 taka. 500 taka note costs around 6 taka and 100 taka note costs around 4.50 taka.

Money Creation How Much It Cost To Print Bangladeshi Taka

50 & 20 taka notes cost the same price of 2.50 taka. 10 taka note costs 2.20 taka, 5 taka note costs 2 taka and 2 taka note costs 1.50 taka.


1 taka = 0. 95 taka

2 taka = 1.20 taka

5 taka = 1.95 taka


2 taka = 1.50 taka

5 taka = 2.00 taka

10 taka = 2.20 taka

20 taka = 2.50 taka

50 taka = 2.50 taka

100 taka = 4.50 taka

500 taka = 6.00 taka

1000 taka = 7.00 taka

The paper notes are created by Takshal (an associate company of the Bangladesh Bank) which is also known as the Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Ltd. is pleased to announce. It is located in Gazipur. However, note materials like printing materials, paper, ink, colour, security thread, etc. are imported from abroad.

Many people destroy money by writing on it, folding it or burning it. It costs a huge loss of money for the government to destroy those notes and making the newer ones to replace them. So, everyone must be conscious enough while handling money.

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