Net Speed Monitor: Free Alternative of DU Meter

Net Speed Monitor is the best alternative of DU Meter. DU Meter is well known for its performance of showing the upload and download speed, reports [Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly] and many more. But the disadvantage of DU meter is, it is not free. You can use it for free for only 30 days. After that, it will stop working. Most people re-installs DU Meter or use crack, patch, pirated serial numbers to use it for more days.

Net Speed Monitor DU Meter Alternative

But, they don’t search for the alternatives of DU Meter. There are many alternatives of DU Meter. By using most of them, I have selected Net Speed Monitor as the number one alternative of DU Meter. It looks like DU meter in many aspects. It also serves as DU Meter. Again, it has some extra facilities like the customization of the Task Bar Monitor, which is not available in case of DU Meter.

Net Speed Monitor DU Meter Alternative

It also shows the reports of Daily, Weekly, Monthly usage [uploaded and downloaded data]. So, use it to get the more advantages for free!


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