Nissartho Valobasha: Ananta-Barsha New Bangla Movie

Ananta Jalil, the super action hero is back with his 5th Movie: NISSARTHO VALOBASHA. Barsha, his wife is the heroine of this romantic movie. They acted together in the past 4 Ananta Films: Khoj-The Search, The Speed, Most Welcome and Hridoy Vanga Dheu.

Ananta came to the film industry not for money but for making this industry a better one. His acting capability is not good, but he is improving day by day. So, we expect a lot of change in his upcoming movie, Nissartho Valobasha.

Barsha is recently engaged with various TV ads including GrameenPhone, Meril Splash Beauty Soap, Keya Coconut oil etc. She is the most wanted heroine of recent times.

This real-life couple has acted in all the 5 movies and became very popular among Bangladeshi Young Generation. This couple has created a new sensation among the Bengali Movie lovers by some new technology and ideas. In Most Welcome, Sneha Ullal, a Bollywood actress performed in an Item song which is a record for a Bangladeshi Movie.

Moreover, use of Helicopter, Speed Boat, Train, Costly cars are the positive points of Ananta’s movies. Although he needs to give emphasis on acting and movie scripts, the young generation also likes these newer ideas and technologies.


Here are some of the Photos from the Movie, NISSARTHO VALOBASHA:


Ananta New movie photo image wallpaper

Ananta new movie nissartho valobasa

Barsha photo image wallpaper

Nissartho valobasha Barsha wallpapers

Nissartho valobasha shooting wallpaper photo image

Barsha new photo wallpaper ananta's wife

Nissartho valobasha bangla new movie wallpapers

Ananta Barsha romantic photo image wallpaper

New Bengali movie nissartho Valobasha photo image wallpapers

Super action hero ananta jalil new photo image wallpapers

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