Online Shopping Tips: 5 Safety Tips You Must Know During COVID-19

Getting out of the house for any work during COVID-19 means putting one’s life in danger. So many people are relying on online shopping to buy daily necessities. Shopping online has made life a little easier during this difficult time. But even then, when these items reach your home, some risk remains. But there is nothing to fear. Instead, you need to follow some rules when shopping online to protect yourself and your family from virus infections. In this post from, I will discuss 5 safety tips to keep the Coronavirus away during Online Shopping. So, let’s start.

Online Shopping Tips: 5 Safety Tips You Must Know During COVID-19


1. Not cash on delivery: Coronavirus can spread through money. So, buy products from E-commerce shops that have digital payment facilities. Pay online to avoid any contact with money at this time to stay risk-free.

2. Stay away from the Delivery Man: Place a tool or bench conveniently inside or outside the entrance to your home, where the Delivery Man can leave the goods. This will prevent you from coming in contact with any outsider. If you can’t keep it outside the door of the house, keep it inside where no one from your family members goes.

Online Shopping Tips: 5 Safety Tips You Must Know During COVID-19

3. Sanitize: If there is any important thing that you need very quickly, clean the packet with disinfectant. Still, unpack it at least two hours after cleaning. You can keep the packet in the sunlight if you can afford it. This will destroy the germs on the packet and prevent it from spreading to anything else.

4. Stay away for up to 10 days: Do not touch any product from outside for at least 10 days except for essential items. Keep things out of the reach of children and adults for at least 10 days.

5. Wash your hands: We live in a time where washing hands has become part of our daily routine. So wash your hands as soon as you get the product you ordered from outside. Also, wash your hands after taking it out of the packet. Disinfect your hands by washing them with soap or handwash for at least 20 seconds.

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