Oppo Mobile Handset Updated Price List In Bangladesh

Oppo is one of the most popular cell phone brands to the mobile users. In South Asian countries, including Bangladesh, most people love the stylish Android phones with a quality camera. Oppo has some of the best camera phones in the market. They are fully made for your satisfaction. The new and cool features will make you forget about all other brands for sure. For those who have enough money to buy a phone and also want to get the latest features of Android, Oppo is one of the best choices.

In the previous post from maxbangla.com, you were provided with the updated price list of Walton Mobile Phones. You can also look at the SymphonyNokia, SamsungHTC and Sony mobile phone prices from these links.

In this post, you will be provided with the Updated Price List of Oppo Mobile Phones in Bangladesh for this month.

Oppo Mobile Handset Updated Price List In Bangladesh


Oppo A33f = 11,990/= BDT
Oppo A37 = 16,900/= BDT
Oppo A37fw = 13,500/= BDT
Oppo A57 = 20,500/= BDT
Oppo A71 = 16,990/= BDT
Oppo C1 = 9,990/= BDT
Oppo F1 = 21,800/= BDT
Oppo F1 Plus = 35,900/= BDT
Oppo F1S (3GB/32GB) = 20,900/= BDT
Oppo F1S (4GB/64GB) = 23,900/= BDT
Oppo F3 = 26,500/= BDT
Oppo F3 Plus = 40,900/= BDT
Oppo Find 7 = 38,000/= BDT
Oppo Find 7A = 32,000/= BDT

Oppo Joy = 8,700/= BDT
Oppo Joy Plus = 8,900/= BDT
Oppo Joy 3 = 8,990/= BDT
Oppo Mirror 3 = 16,500/= BDT
Oppo Mirror 5 = 19,500/= BDT
Oppo N1 mini = 27,000/= BDT
Oppo N3 = 42,800/= BDT
Oppo Neo 3 = 12,800/= BDT
Oppo Neo 5 = 9,900/= BDT
Oppo Neo 7 = 13,900/= BDT

Oppo R1K = 28,000/= BDT
Oppo R5 = 39,900/= BDT
Oppo R7 = 29,800/= BDT
Oppo R7 Plus = 42,800/= BDT
Oppo R7 lite = 21,800/= BDT
Oppo Yoyo = 16,500/= BDT

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